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    I think it's fine, I would rather use a name that honors family then to worry about when the baby is born and May is a great middle name regardless!

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    I prefer May over Mae. And no, I don't think it would be a big deal to give a May baby that middle name.

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    Thanks for the help! Now, any great first names to go with May? Still stuck....and it's almost MAY!!! Lol

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    Would you consider double barreling it? May / Mae is great for that... Choose a two syllable name you love, and ask us what we think!

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    May or Mae is a popular choice to use, especially if you want to do a double name.
    Options to think about include: Sadie May, Jana May, Marimae, etc. Also, could use it with another name all together, like Maeryn or Maegan.

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