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Thread: courtney

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    I like the traditional spelling. Courtney was never popular where I live, so I like it. It feels fresh and underused.
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    It feels overused and dated to me, but just for that reason it's a bit unexpected today. I would stick with the original spelling, the alternative ones do have bad associations.

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    I've always liked Courtney. You've gotten some great suggestions for middle names, too. I particularly like Courtney Wren, Courtney Abigail, Courtney Olivia, and Courtney Reese. I'll add Courtney Dove, Courtney Belle, and Courtney Brynn.
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    I like it as a name (It's also my middle name, so I'm slightly influenced) but yet I know quite a few Courtneys, and for that reason it just doesn't fit the bill in 2013 for me. Changing the spelling will not help at all either. Courtnee or Courtnie would just make it worse.

    But, hey, if you like it, then that's fine. Like I said, as a name it's nice.
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