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    What sibling names go with Leland?

    A name my husband and I agree on for a boy is Leland. It is my late grandfather's name, and we both love it. I tend to like frilly, girly names. What are your suggestions for a brother and sister for a Leland? I am not sure what style/time period Leland would fall into. I know it is an older name, but I feel like it fits in with the current trends. Thanks

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    I was seriously considering Leland last time before I found out it was a girl. So I'll just share some of my girl faves that I think would flow nicely.

    Vera, Louisa, Velma, Cordelia, Irene, Theodora (nn Thea), Beverly, Hazel, Lenora (might be too matchy though)

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    There was Leland Chapman, his siblings are: Duane lee, lyssa, tucker, zebidiah, Gary, bonnie, Cecily, .. can't remember the others buy Lennon might go with it?
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    Leland is great! It is vintage, so it is good that you like frilly, girly names. There are lots of pretty vintage girl names that you could pick from. Here are some from a hundred years ago that are currently popular now:
    Cora, Cordelia
    Isabel, Isabella

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