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    Help me choose a middle name for LARA

    My husband and I really like the name Lara, but we're having a hard time choosing a middle name. We've narrowed it down to these:

    Lara Grace
    Lara Olivia
    Lara Cristina

    Which one do you think sounds best?
    Thanks for your help!

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    Of the three, I like Lara Grace the best. I'm not a fan of having both the first and middle names end in "a." But a longer name with Lara seems like it would be nice -- Lara Elizabeth or Lara Josephine or something like that.
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    Lara Grace is the best of your three. I also think that a longer name would be lovely with Lara- but it is a gorgeous name!

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    I agree with the previous posters. I like Lara Grace out of the options, but would prefer something longer that does not end in a. My first thought was Lara Genevieve.
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    Lara Grace is so beautiful.
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