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    Homecoming solider from Afganastan's baby (Ick!)

    They named their sweet little baby girl BOSTON. Ick!

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    Not a fan. My mother's friend named her son that, and I don't even like it on a boy! I also know a boy named Houston...I just don't like city names. I mean, there's Austin and Dallas...and then there's others. The only place name I'd ever consider using is Sydney.

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    I like Boston for a boy thanks to "Boston" Rob from survivor.
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninanoo View Post
    I like Boston for a boy thanks to "Boston" Rob from survivor.
    Hehehe Boston Rob!
    Oh yeah.

    OP, I get where you're coming from.. but to sidestep that...
    I'm just not a fan of city baby names.
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    Because of the bombings? Oh dear, you can be patriotic without going that far or being so obvious! Big dislike.
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