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Thread: Honest opinions

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    Allegra: All I can see is allergy medication. Honestly.
    Isla: I like this - short, sweet, and interesting.
    Freya: Probably my favorite name on this list.
    Vera: I used to not like it, but now I like the old-fashioned sort of feel of this name.
    Octavia: A very musical sort of name, very bright.
    Phaedra: I quite like this. Unusual, but lovely.
    Evalyn: Have to go with kala_way and shvibziks - it looks misspelled. And that's all I can see.
    Simone: I like this name. Not sure why, but I do.
    Indie: I don't know, it seems incomplete in comparison to India. Too nickname-y.

    Overall, I like these names - except for Allegra, Indie, and Evalyn.

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    I don't like any of them...:/ My favorite would probably be Isla. I wouldn't mind Evelyn. The worst is probably Allegra or Phaedra.

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    I really like Simone and Isla
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    Isla: Love, though I am biased. I get compliments all the time. I have never heard anything negative.
    Evalyn: I like Evelyn, Eve or Evie are adorable nicknames.
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    Allegra - pretty
    Isla - pretty
    Freya - great mythological name, one of my favs
    Vera - dislike
    Octavia - elegant, classy, substantial
    Phaedra - love it, but Peaches Geldof ruined it for me
    Evalyn - only Evelyn
    Simone - great, although I prefer Simona
    Indie - as a nn for something, sure (please vote!)

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