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    I love Valentine for a girl! Janet is not my favorite Jan variation: i like Jane better. Jane Valentine...wonderful!
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    Do you want to call your daughter Jan, too?

    I think Hal & Jannie are adorable, as well as formal Harold and Janet. I do think Janette (with the emphasis on the -nette) has a little more panache than Janet, and I like Jeannette (which in English is pronounced nearly identically) even more. There's also Janelle, which might (obliquely) pull in a little bit of Lillian.

    However, as nice as Janet is, I like Claudia infinitely more. The long, dignified history of the name vastly outweighs its literal, ancient Roman meaning. For sheer va-va-va-voom I don't think you can beat Claudia DeMerle. It exudes 40s Hollywood glamour. If Hal seems too friendly next to Claudia, what about Lottie, or Laudy?
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    Janet Valentine is lovely (so is Harold!) You have eliminated every other possible form of Jan, Lillian or a combination of the two, so there aren't really any more suggestions to give.

    It sounds nice together, so what's the worry?

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    Funny you should select Jane Valentine, because for a long time, that was the front-runner. However, we have a Jan, Jean, Joan, and several Johns mixed into our family tree, and I wanted a name that would clearly honor my mother, Jan. To me, even though I love the name 'Jane', it could be in honor of any of the above, whereas 'Janet' is more directly linked to Jan. (Yes, I know this is still a feminine version of John too.) Hopefully that explanation makes sense.

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    It sounds to me like you really love your choice - Janet Valentine - and you want to use it. Go for it! As others have said, there is nothing wrong with the name Janet - it is familiar, easy to spell and pronounce. I think the reason that some see it as dated is because there are a lot of people in our parents' generation named Janet, but that doesn't make it a bad name. Family names are so nice - I am sure your mother would be really honored and happy if you named your daughter after her. I was named after my grandmother, and it is a very special connection.

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