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    Interesting thread!

    I am currently carrying my first child so I don't know what he looks like just yet!

    I myself have light features: light brown (wavy) hair, blue eyes and VERY pale skin (other kids used to call me Snow White!). I get this from my dad and his Scandinavian background. However, my facial structure and body type comes from my mother. Her colours were drastically different from ours. She had black (straight) hair, brown eyes and olive skin; all of which probably came from her strong Bulgarian, Italian and Russian heritage. One big difference I have from my parents is that I didn't inherit their tall genes. My father is close to 7 feet and my mother was 5'10 / 5'11 while I am only an average 5'5 ( think I get this from my maternal grandmother).

    Theo is also quite light. He has dark/dirty (straight) blonde hair, green eyes and pale skin (not as pale as me though). He has the same colour hair as his mother, but has his father's eyes. He gets his pale skin from both parents. His father had dark brown (curly) hair when he was younger (now its a dark gray). His mother has brown eyes. Theo is like his father's side in both height (he is 6'1) and body structure. Theo also gets freckles from his mom (hoping our son inherits that as it's quite cute ).

    I have no siblings but Theo has 2 sisters (1 older and 1 younger) and a brother. His brother is like Theo: he is an even divide between both their parents. Theo's older sister has more of their mother's features: dirty blonde hair and brown eyes while his younger sister has more of their father's: dark brown hair and green eyes.

    I am guessing that our son (and any future kids) will probably have light features like both of us. I can imagine hair color being between a light brown and dirty blonde, green or blue eye color with a pale skin tone. Hair might be anything from curly to straight. And hopefully our kids will inherit the tall genes.

    However I wouldn't be surprised if our son ended up with dark brown hair like Theo's dad or black hair like my late mother...
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    We have 8 biological children, so you would probably think I could tell you just what the baby I am carrying will look like.... not Hubby is Hispanic, I am not... we have one daughter that is darker than hubby with black hair and eyes.. one daughter very fair skin with black curly hair and black eyes, one baby girl with reddish, blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin... Our son, has now passed us in height, he has brown curly hair, olive skin and green eyes...seriously we never know! Matter of fact my sister likes to joke that, that is why we still have them, b/c we like the surprise of what we are going to get.. lol!!!
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    My mom has red hair, pale freckled skin, and green eyes. My dad has olive skin that tans very easily, dark brown/black hair, and blue eyes. My siblings and I all have brown hair and brown eyes. Our skin is sort of older sister is more pale, my younger sister is more tan, I'm right in the middle. My older sister and I got my dad's eyes, nose, and chin. My younger sister looks more like our mom. I got my mom's curly hair, my sisters did not.

    I'm not in a relationship now so I have no idea what my kids will look like. I sort of hope the only thing they inherit from me is the curly hair. I'm not a big fan of my other features, particularly my nose.
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

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    I had no idea what they would look like. When Hazel was born I wasn't surprised though - she looks just like her dad. Still does. People tell me that she looks like me but I just dont see it. I also think Arthur looks like his Dad, too but it's strange because Hazel & Arthur don't look much alike yet. I guess you never know?
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    There are some really bizarre genes in my family. Both my parents have brown hair and brown eyes and normal caucasian skin that's neither particularly pale nor particularly dark. My brothers have all the same coloring as our parents. My sister somehow wound up with black hair and olive skin and looks like she could be Hispanic or Persian or something--even though we have absolutely no non-European ancestry. I'm the opposite, with skin so pale that people often ask me if I'm feeling well and actual auburn hair, even though literally all of my relatives (except for my mom's cousins, who are blonde) are brunette with no red tones. Acquaintances often assume that one or both of us is adopted because we look so opposite from each other and unlike our parents. I half suspected it myself until my mom basically proved definitively with pictures that we're both her biological children.

    I'm not in a relationship, and I don't plan to have biological children, but if I ever change my mind...twins definitely run in my family. My brothers are twins and I have two sets of twin cousins plus twin great uncles.
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