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    I am Caucasian with fair skin and have wavy light brown hair and hazel green eyes (my dad is blond and blue-eyed and my mother is dark hair and brown eyes). My husband is mixed-race (Afro-Caribbean and South-East Asian) with tight curly dark hair, medium-dark skin and dark brown eyes. I've done the morph thing, and here is what our baby *could* look like (this was fun!):


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    Hah, I did the morph thing too (it's hilarious!) and this is apparently what me and my boyfriend's children will look like:

    (I can kind of see Rosalind as the third one )
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    Okay so I don't have any pix of my husband where he isn;t wearing glasses so these turned out weird - but Fun!Baby-of-IMG-20130425-044551.jpg
    Baby boy due October 2014! Current tentative name:

    Sequoia Orion

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    My family is one long stretch of tall, thin ectomorphs (no pun intended) with black/brown hair, blue eyes, and very fair skin. DH's family is like this except a a little less beanpole-like, with hazel and green eyes in the mix. Without much variation between the family genetics, I imagine our kids are going to be long and skinny with dark hair, fair skin, and blue or green eyes. A bit like Asa Butterfield, perhaps.

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    Well, as my fiance and I have been confused for siblings before on several occasions, I can pretty much guess what our children will look like by the logic of genetics.

    Fair fair FAIR white skin, blue eyes, brown hair. Done. The only thing up for debate is wavy hair or curly hair.

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