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    Lol - totallt the name of a clown or a clumsy cartoon character - perfect description. It sounds fake and made up. I really wish this trend of adding -ly to words would be put to rest.

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    MeetCute- I think you are mistaken about the origin of this name. It may be "on trend" because it ends in ly but it is not "made up" or simply ly tacked on to the end of a word. But I do agree it would be hard for a modern boy to wear.

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    I understand the literary appeal... but its a bit odd for a first name. How would you like it if it were your name? or your husband's name? Test it out like that for a while to be sure you really like it, or not. I don't think Bing is all that appealing, but Bingley as a middle name isn't bad.
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    I'd find Bingley odd as a name. I just keep hearing it in a very Mrs Bennett sort of tone of voice and it doesn't appeal to me. (Though Darcy doesn't either). I'd almost prefer Netherfield - despite the groin imagery it evokes.
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    I think it sounds like a talking animal in a cartoon. If you like Bing, I think Bingham has far more gravitas.
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