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    middle name for Zoey?

    DH and I have recently fallen in love with the name Zoey. We love the "spunky" feel it has, but can't think of a middle name that pairs well with Zoey and our 4 letter, 1 syllable last name (it rhymes with Bone). I've always wanted to pass down my middle name, Claire, but I feel as though it sounds too short and abrupt with our last name. Any suggestions on middle names and/or other first names with the same feel would be greatly appreciated!!

    Also wondering everyone's opinions on Zoe vs. Zoey. I almost always lean towards traditional spellings, but I think the extra letter would look better with our short last name.

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    I think Zoey Claire sounds good. I've always preferred Zoe to Zoey, but for some reason right now (with your description of it as "spunky") I am liking the y.

    While Zoey Claire sounds good, I think Zoey Claire Bone is choppy. Also suddenly Zoey Claire is sounding like Zo-eclair to me.

    Zoey Aurelia
    Zoey Beatrice
    Zoey Camille
    Zoey Eliza
    Zoey Gwendolen
    Zoey Isobel
    Zoey Jessamine
    Zoey Katherine
    Zoey Kathleen
    Zoey Rafaela
    Zoey Rosalind

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    I prefer Zoe to Zoey although either spelling is fine.

    How about:

    Zoey Clara
    Zoey Clarissa
    Zoey Camille
    Zoey Charlotte
    Zoey Elise
    Zoey Genevieve
    Zoey Estelle
    Zoey Simone

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    Thank you for pointing the eclair sound! I hadn't even realized that but you are so right. Of the suggestions listed, I like Simone the most....but then I realized it rhymes with our last name so that is a definite no. This might be harder than I thought...

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    I was just going to say I love Zoey Simone! (if you are a Ramones fan it rhymes with Joey Ramone haha)

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