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    Charlotte Delilah - I'm not personally a fan of Delilah, but this is really pretty and flows wonderfully.
    Annabelle Heather - I think it's nice, though I think spelling it Annabel Heather looks neater and more streamlined.
    Zoey Matilda Rose - Matilda Rose is gorgeous; to me, Zoey just doesn't fit in with those other two names. Are you open to simply Matilda Rose? I ask mainly because all of your other combos are just with one middle name.
    Violet Fiona - LOVE this.
    Olivia Bethany - Eh. Olivia is so common, and I have a strong personal dislike of Bethany. I just don't think it's pretty-sounding, but that's just my own opinion, obviously. That said, the names flow well together.
    Mila Rosalind - I'm not loving these names together because of the terminal syllables both starting with L. What about Mila Rosamund? I like that infinitely better - what do you think?
    Kennedy ? All your other names are so lovely and feminine. Kennedy is just trendy and masculine, and I don't think it will age as well.

    Kellan Felix - I adore the name Felix; not loving Kellan, but there's nothing awful about it. I like Felix Kellan better, actually.
    Mason Elliot - Mason is soooo popular now. I wouldn't use it.
    Liam Christopher - This is very nice. Christopher Liam also sounds great.
    Jett Hudson - I strongly dislike this. Both names are quite trendy. I couldn't take an adult named Jett very seriously.
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    Thank you for the feed back! I definitely agree about Kennedy after thinking about it.

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