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    another Name the Babies! G6R4 (jinglebelldaisy)

    Family 1
    The Hollis-Tinker family is feeling big and daring. Jesse, Dallas, Ryder, Cassidy, Oakley, and Billie all want to have a dog. Charlotte and Maverick decide that the six kids should be able to take care of a dog between the three of them so one day, Maverick brings home a great dane for the kids. The kids name the dog after a western city.

    DS: Jesse Maxwell Hollis-Tinker (emitheduckling) (12)
    DS: Dallas Marshall Hollis-Tinker (redvelvet) (9)
    DS: Ryder Matthew Hollis-Tinker (dancer402) (7)
    DD: Cassidy Matilda Hollis-Tinker (lolzabeth)(4)
    DS/DD: Oakley Maddox Hollis-Tinker & Billie Marianna Hollis-Tinker (lolzabeth)(3)

    Family 2
    Estella and Henry suddenly anounce to their kids that they are expecting a baby boy. Chloe, Clementine, Juniper, Will, Lucy, Leopold, Tobiah, Emma, Sam, and Abby are so excited. The boy will have a popular first name and a traditional middle. Also, Chloe's biological mom left Daniel Leis and moved in with Arturo Rigez, the father of Chloe's new twin half siblings. They have spanish first names that start with C and unused classic middles.

    Step-Daughter: Chloe Elizabeth Donovan (redvelvet) (17)
    ADD/ADD: Clementine Grace Donovan & Juniper Alice Donovan(abbyheartsyou) (14)
    DS/DD: William Archer "Will" Donovan and Lucy Sabrina Donovan (lolzabeth) (10)
    ADS/ADS: Leopold James Donovan & Tobiah John Donovan (sofiarosem)(8)
    DD: Emma Seraphina Donovan (emitheduckling) (7)
    DS/DD: Samuel Joseph "Sam" Donovan & Abigail Sofia "Abby" Donovan (sofiarosem) (5)

    Henry's Ex-Girlfriend: Amelia Elizabeth Leis
    Ex-Girlfriend's exDH:Daniel Arthur Leis (lolzabeth)
    DHS: Caspian Percy Leis (bb)(10)
    DHD: Celeste Vivian Leis (bb)(8)
    DHD: Cecelia Ruby "Cece" Leis (namewolf_) (4)

    Ex-Girlfriend's new boy friend: Arturo Edgar Rigez

    Family 3
    Lilah and Benjamin feel that they have enough children, so they opt for a two kittens. Benji, Leila, Charlie, Junia, Brandt, Carter, Lorelei, and Jessa are so excited. The girls name the grey one a frilly name and the boys name the orange one a sun related name.

    DS: Benji Rhys Wright (redvelvet) (9)
    DD: Leila Oak Wright (namewolf_)(8)
    DS/DD:Charlie Vaughn Wright & Junia Sage Wright (redvelvet)(5)
    DS/DS/DD/DD:Brandt Victor Wright, Carter Ross Wright, Lorelei Sue Wright, & Jessa Olive Wright (michelle6942)(3)
    Dgrey kitten:
    Dorange kitten:

    Family 4
    Vienna and Victor think that all their children are well ordered in their pairs. Vesper and Viggo are tackling the fifth grade while Vincenzo and Valor are driving the kindergarten teacher insane. All of a sudden, Vienna anounces that they are expecting a baby girl. Like Vesper, Viggo, Vincenzo, and Valor, she will have a cool first name. The middle name should balance well with the first.

    DD: Vesper Caroline Lane (bb) (11)
    DS: Viggo Alexander Lane (redvelvet)(10)
    DS/DS:Vincenzo Jacob Lane & Valor Charles Lane (redvelvet)(5)

    Family 5
    Its been three years and McKinley and Kennedy are driving their brothers crazy. Madison and Lincoln suddenly decide to have one more kid, which turns into two more kids after they discover they are expecting boy/girl twins. The twins will have presidential surenames for first names. The middles will be long and be after a political historical figure in American history.

    DS: Monroe Alexander Tinker (redvelvet) (9)
    DS:Grant Benjamin Tinker (namewolf_)(6)
    DD/DD: McKinley Amelia Tinker & Kennedy Lois Tinker (sofiarosem)(3)

    Family 6
    Scarlett and Monty decided to try for another boy for little Johnathan, but are instead expecting a girl. Evangeline, Mirabelle, and Annika are so excited. the baby will have a long form of Lily for a first name and common diminutive for a middle.

    DD: Evangeline Belle Carlton (redvelvet) (8)
    DD: Mirabelle Annie Carlton (redvelvet) (6)
    DS/DD:Johnathan Max Carlton & Annika Lily Carlton (michelle6942) (3)

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