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    1. I don't believe Matilda is hipster since it is becoming more popular.
    2. I don't believe Beatrice will be in the top 100 anytime soon.
    3. I like Isadora, it has a regal feel to it. I am bad at coming up with nn, I would use Isa or izzy.
    4. I think Elza looks fine. It doesn't seem made up to me.
    5. I love Vera as a nn for Veronica.
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    1. I really like Mathilda--it reminds me of the movie, which I find utterly charming. I'm not so keen on Milla, though. I prefer Tilly/Tilda.
    2. Maybe not top 100's, but I definitely see it rising.
    3. Isadora is a nice name--I prefer it to Isabelle or the likes. I like the suggestions of Sora *swoon*, Sadie, & Isa. Dora will always be Dora the Explorer.
    4. Elza doesn't look made up. Have you considered Eliza, though?
    5. I like Veronica nn Vera or Vero.
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    Quote Originally Posted by missusaytch View Post
    Also - I see Aira in your signature. I looked it up but there's no info on Nameberry. Will you tell me more? I love vowel names for girls.
    Gladly! It's pronounced 'eye-ra'. It's Finnish and is a variant of Airi, they share the meaning of 'messenger' or 'herald'. It's my favourite girls name
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    1. Matilda makes me think of the movie Matilda. I used to be in love with that movie! I didn't like the name Matilda but it's been growing on me lately. I prefer the nickname Tilly/Tillie but Milla is cute too.
    2. Beatrice is talked about a lot on name websites, but I don't know how much people actually like the name in real life. It may rise at little.
    3. Isadora isn't my favorite but I think it's cute! I like the nicknames Izzy and Dora.
    4. I automatically say Elsa as "El-sah". I think if you like Elza then use it because you might avoid confusion. It doesn't look "made up".
    5. I prefer the nn Vera for Veronica. I just prefer the way it looks and sounds. Via is cute too though. I also like Vero.

    Hope this helps!
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    I do think that Matilda is a hipster name, yes. But its one that the hipsters have moved on from, I think. Unless you are a hipster in denial, that is not a big deal. If you are a hipster, then you will need to find an obscure-teetering-on-the-edge-of-ugly sort of name that no one else has thought to use yet. I suggest Bertha, if you are going this route. If you aren't, then you can feel free to use Matilda, b.c it is a very lovely name and Milla is a great n.n for it. Don't let the hipsters ruin things!

    I don't see Beatrice rising to the top 100. I think it's more of a name-lover's name. I really doubt it'll be the new Isabelle or anything.

    I really like Isadora and I like Isa and Sadie as n.n. I also like Io.

    I say El-suh when I see Elsa. But at least according to this website, Elza is an actual Hebrew name, meaning "God is my joy" and distinct from Elsa, which is listed as a diminutive of Elizabeth. I don't know how accurate this is, but there you are.

    I like Vera and Vero for Veronica. I also like Nico. I share your dislike of Ronnie.

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