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    Quote Originally Posted by missusaytch View Post
    I hope you have seven kids and name them exactly that! :-)
    This! I think your names are unusual, rich, intriguing, cool, and overall really great. I would be thrilled to meet a Saskia, Evander, Isadora, Felicity, Zebediah, Cyrus, or Cordelia. Your friend is just rude.
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    They're all lovely, really lovely. I love Magnolia Juno from your signature especially. Isadora Beatrix is just perfect too.

    My friends are 15/16 and I tend to keep my love of names on the low. But they do seem to appear in conversation occasionally. And honestly I try not to sound overly-enthusiastic, but I love to throw out some of my more unusual favourites for the reaction.
    I have one friend literally begging me to never inflict Maude or Agnes onto a child.
    Even Beatrice is too old-lady for them to handle, and I know 3 little girls with this name.

    On the other hand I've been obsessed with this boy in my year since I overheard his say to his friends that he really liked the name Jemima.
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    I'm also around 14 years old, and I love your choices! Cordelia, Maeve, Beatrix, Felicity, Mabel, Evander, are all names I LOVE. I never considered Cyrus, Zebediah, Rune, or Adriano before, but I like them. They're nms necessarily, but I find them intriguing, and I'd love to see them on a child. I like Saskia too, but have an association with it that's not the greatest. But it's still really beautiful.
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