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    What do you think of the boy name Rory Arthur?

    It's the only middle name I seem to like with Arthur.
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    Rory Arthur would be quite handsome, although perhaps a bit hard to say.
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    I like Rory and Arthur but not so keen on them together. Rory Ambrose, Rory Benjamin or Rory Sebastian would be cute!
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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    Rory Arthur would be quite handsome, although perhaps a bit hard to say.
    Agreed. When I was just looking at Rory Arthur, I thought it was very handsome. Now that it's been mentioned, though, Rory Arthur is a lot of "R"s and vowels! Have you thought about two MNs, something like Rory James Arthur? I think that would work.
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    Very kingly - both are legendary kings. Technically Rory wasn't the spelling because that's Anglicized, but I still count it. I think it's a handsome combo, and I'm not that bothered by Rs like a lot of nameberries. However, I am starting to get exhausted with the amount of Arthurs everywhere.
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