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    These are my favorites:

    Oscar - Very handsome and definitely international.
    Hugo - Has a nice bit of spunk and maybe a little bit more personality than Oscar and Lucas. I love this name, but I would never ever use it on a child, because it's the name of my dog haha!
    Lucas - Definitely my favorite from this list. However, if I have to be completely honest, my love for the name Lucas is probably mostly because of good associations. It is a very handsome name though!

    I also like Artur, but I prefer it spelled Arthur!

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    I am a Canadian although all of my extended family resides in Germany.

    My grandfathers name was Ludger and when he moved to Canada everybody called him Lucky. I love the name Lucky and am considering it for a middle name if we have a baby boy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lexiem View Post

    With everyones help I think I've narrowed it down to these front runners. More thoughts are always welcome. What do you think fits best with my others? (see signature?)
    I am super happy to see Lucius, Hugo, Leopold and Oscar made the cut into the top 6. Those were my top 4 from your original list. I also think those 4 fit in best with the other names in your signature (which are all pretty great by the way-- though Erich, Tristan and Wisteria aren't quite as awesome-caliber as the others in my opinion). I'm trying really hard to come around to liking Titus, as it does have some characteristics I appreciate in names, but I just can't seem to do it. Benedict I can't even try to try to come around to, sorry But those other four are stellar.
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    Benedict and Leopold/Lucius. Hugo too. Not Oscar and Titus.
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    My favourites are Benedict and Hugo. I also like Oscar, but not Titus or Leopold, and Lucius makes me think of Harry Potter. I like Lucan or Lucian though? Good luck! (The names in your signature are fantastic)

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