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    What is the story of your real life nickname? In an 8th grade writers club, the teacher did attendance and asked me if I wanted to go by a nickname. "Becky? Becca? Reba?" My best friend misheard her and shouted, "BEEBA! THAT'S YOUR NEW NAME!"
    What is your favourite nickname? I like Becca. It's short and sweet.
    What is the most obscure nickname you have come across? In elementary school there was this boy named Jonathan, but he went by Eric.
    What is advice your would give about nicknames and changing your nickname? I'm not sure. Other people are usually the ones who give you nicknames. I guess try not to do something embarrassing.
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    What is the story of your real life nickname? I do go by my name, Lucy, but my group of close friends who I 'hang' with call me James, which is my middle name. I remember telling them that James was my middle name and they were shocked because its a boys name, (it's after my grandfather) and they called it me all the time as a joke and it stuck. I kinda like James more than Lucy (for me) but my mum would kill me if I admitted it. (She isn't keen on it but wanted to honor her father. Why she couldn't have done Jane or Jamie, Idk.)

    What is your favourite nickname? [Blast that jealousy bug] - I do have a soft spot for Annie. Also Scout (for Scarlett, maybe?)

    What is the most obscure nickname you have come across? One of my friends goes my Porridge. His real name is Kian but he was late for his first day of school (the first day my & my friends met him), and he walked in late saying "I was late because I was eating porrdige." and it just stuck. Ah, I can't remember the last time I called him Kian.

    What is advice your would give about nicknames and changing your nickname? Not sure.. Nicknames just kinda happen, I guess..
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    What is the story of your real life nickname? My name is so short, people call me only Lea IRL. But my dad calls me Pooka. At first I thought it was an endearing made-up-word nickname, until i asked about it... Appaerently i was such a terror as a baby, he gave me a nickname that means "Goblin" in Irish! I shared this with my friend today and she has declared that i am forever Pooka, though i don't mind much

    What is your favourite nickname? Molly, Molly... and those English names, like Evie and Poppy

    What is the most obscure nickname you have come across? A Mia that occasionally goes by "Ginger". She is a Ginger though.

    What is advice your would give about nicknames and changing your nickname? if it's a nickname for your real name (like going to Gail instead of Abby for Abigail) wait until a transition time in your life, new school, new work, etc...
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    What is the story of your real life nickname? Most people call me Soph, which is kind of a default for Sophie, but my close friends called me Hovis in school, and it's what's down as my nickname in my yearbook too. Came about through Soph the Loaf > a loaf of bread > Hovis being a notable brand of bread. I also got called Smurf or Smurfy, though I can't recall the story behind that one. I do still occasionally get called Smurf, but Hovis is now obsolete.

    What is your favourite nickname?
    Either Annie or Milly. I love both equally, they're gorgeous.

    What is the most obscure nickname you have come across? My sister talks about a few of her uni friends by their nicknames - one of them is called Rhino, for reasons I have absolutely no idea.

    What is advice your would give about nicknames and changing your nickname? If you're changing it based on your real name, like Isabella going from Bella to Izzy, I'd find a transition point to do it at but accept that you'll get a mixture of both. Just introduce yourself as what you want to be called (though I introduce myself as Sophie and am actually about 70% Soph) and people will hopefully roll with it. If it's something random like Smurf, it won't be used formally anyway so it doesn't really matter.

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    What is the story of your real life nickname?

    My first name is Alyssa and I don't really have a nickname based off my real name. I had one friend in high school who called me Aly and a friend from another name forum that calls me Lyssa Lou, but I've mostly been called Alyssa my whole life.

    However, I do have a (very unfortunate) nickname given to me by my aunt and her husband when I was just a few months old. It's incredibly embarrassing and ridiculous so I'm not gonna say it. Let's just say it's on par with Snookums/Sweetie Pie/Honey Boo Boo/etc. My mom calls me that, my dad called me that, my grandmothers, my aunts, my cousins, basically everyone in my family. Also, most of my mom's friends. It's usually just at home though. My cousins (who I am very close with) always insist on calling me by that nickname and I'm not sure why...they said it in public a few times and I had to be very stern with them about it.

    What are your favorite nicknames?

    I have a lot so bare with me.

    Girls: I love Anna/Annie (Anastasia), Nelly and Penny (Penelope), Ellie (Eleanor), Lo/Lottie (Eloise/Charlotte), Mia/Amy (Amelia), Dany (for a girl from Danica/Danielle/whatever), Kate, Maddy, Addy, Lucy, Haddy (Hadley), Lulu (Talullah), Emmy, Betsy/Libby (Elizabeth), Abby, Kat (Katerina), Tempy (Temperance), Ginny (Genevieve), Rory (Aurora), Evan (Evangeline), Winny (Winslet), Lavy (Lavender), Birdie (Roberta), Issy/Izzy (Isabelle/a)

    Boys: Gus (Augustus), Finn (Finnick), Alex, Denny (Denver), Jake, Archie, Zach, Ben, Liam (William)

    (The full name is included in parenthesis if it's wasn't obvious where the nn came from)

    What is the most obscure nickname you have come across?

    That would have to be Bug, real name Kaden. Not sure where that nn came from, but it's really cute and totally fit him when he was about 2-4. Now he's 8 ( time flies).

    What advice would you give about nicknames and changing your nickname?

    I haven't really had to deal with nn derived from my real name so I'm not sure how to help you with that. Although, I will admit when I started a new job or started a new class I was tempted a few times to go by Aly because there were usually an Alyssa or two already in the class and it was exciting knowing I could change a little bit of my identity that quick. It was a little thrilling I guess. I never actually did it though. Maybe some day. Oh, when I was about 15 I asked my mom what she thought about Aly as a nn for me and she gave me a disgusted look and said "No. Your name is Alyssa or [insert terrible family nn here]." That was the end of that!

    I guess my advice if you want to change your nickname is just go for it! Maybe ease into it by starting at work. Tell your co-workers your friends and family always call you [nickname] and it's weird no one does at work or vice versa. Eventually people will catch on.
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