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    I think Peter is darling. Would be very refreshing... not too many baby Peters, despite the rash of Biblical names being used lately. I like it!
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    LOVE LOVE LOVE Peter! Pan, Narnia, Rabbit... it's such a gorgeous, magical name, yet so simple! I still can't decide myself whether he should take the #3 spot on my list or just be kept for a middle. You're right- combos with Peter up front are hard. I don't think he needs freshening up though as it's refreshing just to see Peter on a young boy. Boaz Addison Peter is ok, but I somehow feel Peter has lost his charm a little next to those other great names. I don't know if your other names have set combos, but I'd love to see Peter in with Everett, Jack, Samuel or Charles
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    I know quite a few Peter's. (Maybe a dozen?) and I only know one that goes by Peter. Everyone else is either Pete or Petey - many not necessarily by choice. If you like the nn's then I think Peter would be stellar classic addition to your list.
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    I, for one, love Peter. I think it is cute for a little boy and will age well.

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    I think Peter is a handsome choice, cute for a boy but sophisticated for a man. I like the suggestion of Peter Addison Boaz. I also like Peter Avery Boaz.

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