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    Quote Originally Posted by kala_way View Post
    I do think it's a nice idea to see if your child can pronounce your top choice.

    Personally, I don't think I would give an older child a real say for various reasons--conflict, ownership, objectifying....I don't know. I guess it would depend on the personality of the child, the reasoning for letting the child choose, and how firm/loose you are in your choices. I can imagine it having both horrible and fantastic outcomes depending on the situation.
    I agree with this smart lady. Of course it can be a sweet bond, but I imagine resentment from the little sister/brother. What if they hate the name? I want this to come back to me, if my child hates their name I want me to be the reason, not their big sister. And I want my other children's names to have as much love and care put into them as my first. Might be the little sister in me, but I don't ever want Rosalind's siblings to feel like they are less important in any way.
    As for pronouncing the name; that's what cute adorable nicknames are for!
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    Forgot to add, a friend's nephew suggested the name Speed Boy for her baby, so maybe don't give them total free reign!
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    My niece chose my daughter's name. But it helps that we have similar taste. Which may be worrying, given that she's still in preschool..!

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    I "helped" my parents, to name my brother Phillip, when I was three! But only because I watched sleeping Beauty.. Atleast that was the name they wanted anyway, so.. I also helped my sister, Maja, naming her daughter Silke. I gave them some choices and they stood between Sally and Silke, until she was born.
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    I would probably allow my daughter some input if she were older, but it would still be the decision of myself and my DH. While I would allow her weigh in and take her opinion into consideration, it would ultimately be our choice.

    She has zero input for this sibling, but when told a hypothetical sister *might* be named Rosaline she said "Cool, I'm going to call her rosiecheeks for short!" which I think is cute, and I'm happy to go along with that

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