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    Although I feel like most real "berries" tend to want to stay far far away from the top 100, I do see a lot of people posting using the top names like Charlotte and Sophia an awful lot still. And then there are those who really are in search of something a little more obscure. I think it's a mixed bag for sure. But I do agree that those who've never set foot on nameberry tend to just pick one or two from the top 50 and call it a day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by catreynolds View Post
    I personally think this site tends to attract people who are looking to avoid the top 100 names and/or the trendiest "unique" choices in favor of an underused (and possibly even obscure) gem or a quirky-but-attractive word name.
    I think this is true. Nameberry isn't like the general population in that a lot of regulars on here tend to like and promote more uncommon names and advise against anything popular. However, I don't believe all people in the general population are incapable of picking a 'unique' name and not everyone on NB feels the need to restrict themselves to names outside the top 100/500/1000.

    Asking your friends & family for their thoughts would most likely give you a more tailored opinion to your life/beliefs/area (although it's risky for reasons of a name-stealing nature) but a lot of berries know their stuff and can be very helpful. I also think there's some disparity between berries from different countries. This is a US site, but a new poster with their location listed as 'Kent, England' and asking for opinions on the name Rory for her future son would likely be surprised to find comments that it's 'girly' or 'would be nice for a girl' when it's almost exclusively male here.

    Anyhow, I'm rambling. Basically I think most of NB is different to the 'outside world', but not all. You will see uncommon 'Nameberry favourites' here which are near unheard of IRL. Personally, I'm as likely to recommend William & Isabella as I am Anwen & Cormac. But what's great is that we're all here because we're mental about names
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    Thanks, all - this was basically my sense of things. I was just taken aback by those top ten lists, because it seems to me that on a site of name nerds there should be more individuality, I guess. But probably there are similar traits that draw certain like-minded people to these boards. I'm sort of holding my breath until the social security list comes out next month to finally settle on our choice - so I just keep noticing if/when the names we like show up in posts and threads and (minorly) freaking out
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