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    Options for Dash?

    Love the nn Dash, but neither DH or I are fond of Dashiell.

    Thoughts on full name options? I don't feel like Dash can be a stand-alone full name (at least in our case), but I don't want to use something that's completely contrived, either.


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    I don't care for Dashiell AT ALL, but I do kind of like Dash on its own. I wasn't able to think of a good alternative "full name."

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    What about an Ash name with a "D" name? I would think something like Dominic Asher, Declan Ash, Daniel Ashton, etc., or even Ash/Asher/Ashton D______ could fairly easily yield the nn Dash. For what it's worth, I adore Dash, as well! I quite like Dashiell, although now that I think of it, I'm put off by several factors of Dashiell, as well--the conflicting pronunciations (LOVE the sound of DASH-uhl; but I honestly can't stand duh-SHEEL), the fact that it really has no meaning, that it's the name of a writer that means nothing to me personally... I like that it's French, and I love the nn Dash, and how dashing Dashiell has always appeared to me, but I can honestly say the idea of Dominic Ash nn Dash is much more appealing to me than Dashiell itself! Other than D_____ Ash___, I really can't think of anything.

    Good luck!
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    I'm with Ash ^. I was going to suggest the same thing.
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    You could make it work with a Da first name Daniel, Dailey, Damion, Dane, Dale, Dalton, Dante, Darby, Darcy, Darrin, Darius, Darold, Darryl, David, Davis, Dawes, etc. And a middle that starts with sh- Shaun, Shale, Shane, Shelby, Sheldon, Shepherd, Sherlock(!), Sherwin, Shiloh.
    Some possibly good combos-
    Daniel Shane, Dante Shale, David Sheldon, Dale Shaun, Darrin Shepherd.
    I think Seamus works with the sh sound David Seamus?
    I like Darius but not with an S name.
    Maybe Darius with an H name for the middle spot- Darius Haddon, Darius Hayes, Darius Henry, Darius Holden.

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