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Thread: TV Namebank CAF

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    TV Namebank CAF

    LN (your choice): Pond, Bisley, Parker, Forester, Beckett, Bing, Frye, Donovan, Fisher, McGee, Bering, O'Neill, Crusher,

    Roll the dice three times: 1) for gender. odd for a girl. even for a boy. 2) name bank for first name 3) name bank for middle name {{you may roll a fourth time for a second middle name if you wish}}

    (Use the 13 sided dice here.)

    Repeat this until you have two parents and at least four children.


    1. Stargate SG-1/Atlantis
    Adria, Amelia, Cameron, Carolyn, Carson, Chuck, Daniel, Elizabeth, George, Janet, Jennifer, John, Marie, Radek, Rodney, Ronon, Samantha, Teyla, Vala, Walter

    2. Warehouse 13
    Abigail, Adrian, Adwin, Artie, Benedict, Charlotte, Claudia, Daniel, Helena, Irene, James, Jane, Joshua, Kelly, Leena, Marcus, Myka, Pete, Steve, Vanessa

    3. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
    Adele, Alice, Anna, Bart, Bert, Cec, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Eunice, George, Hector, Hugh, Jack, Jane, Lin, Murdoch, Phryne, Prudence, Rosie, Sidney

    4. Doctor Who
    Amelia, Artie, Clara, Clive, Danny, Donna, Francine, Jack, Jackie, Leo, Martha, Mickey, Pete, River, Rory, Rose, Sylvia, Trinity, Wilfred, Winston

    5. NCIS
    Abby, Anthony, Caitlin, Cynthia, Donald, Ellie, Erica, Gerald, Jeanne, Jenny, Jimmy, Kelly, Leon, Leroy, Michelle, Mike, Timothy, Tom, Trent, Ziva

    6. Spaced
    Amber, Bilbo, Brian, Colin, Cromwell, Daisy, Damien, Duane, Francesca, Linda, Marsha, Mike, Richard, Sarah, Sophie, Tim, Tina, Twist, Tyres, Yolanda

    7. Star Trek TNG/Voyager
    Alexander, Alyssa, Belanna, Beverly, Deanna, Geordi, Harry, Icheb, Jean-Luc, Joe, Kathryn, Kes, Miles, Naomi, Natasha, Seska, Seven, Tom, Wesley, William

    8. Castle
    Alexis, Ann, Carter, Evelyn, Gina, Javier, Jenny, Jim, Josh, Kate, Kevin, Lanie, Martha, Noah, Richard, Roy, Sidney, Tory, Victoria, William

    9. Firefly
    Adelai, Badger, Chari, Derrial, Gabriel, Helen, Hoban, Inara, Jayne, Jubal, Kaylee, Lawrence, Malcolm, Nandi, Petaline, Regan, River, Saffron, Simon, Zoe

    10. Haven
    Audrey, Claire, Dave, Duke, Dwight, Ed, Eleanor, Evi, Gloria, Howard, Jennifer, Jordan, Julia, Nathan Rebecca, Stan, Vickie, Vince, Wade, William

    11. Gilmore Girls
    Babette, Dean, Emily, Jackson, Jess, Kirk, Lane, Logan, Lorelai, Louise, Luke, Madeline, Michel, Paris, Patricia, Richard, Rory, Sookie, Taylor, Zack

    12. Eureka
    Alison, Andy, Beverly, Douglas, Eva, Grace, Henry, Holly, Jack, Jim, Josefina, Larry, Lexi, Lucas, Michaela, Nathan, Tess, Vincent, Zane, Zoe

    13. Friends
    Ben, Carol, Chandler, Charlie, Emily, Estelle, Frank, Gunther, Janice, Joey, Judy, Mark, Mike, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Richard, Ross, Susan, Tag


    inspired by unicornluvgirl
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