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    I really like Gladys and Betty! I also like Hazel, Luella, Nellie, Della, and Opal

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    among others

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    Favorites -
    Betty - What about Betsy?

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    Hazel--love, warm like Amber, but not really "dated" in a negative sense.
    Luella--I don't like this one, its very "down home" country kind of feel to me, and Ella is wildly popular.
    Nellie--See Luella, Ellie is overused as well
    Della--See Luella, but I do like Adele, Adeline
    Mabel--Warm and inviting like flowers blooming in Spring
    Mabelline--See Mabel, but even more feminine!
    Gladys--I have a soft spot for this one, but I don't think it is "pretty" per se.
    Thelma--Not my cup of tea, makes me think of a thick-built older woman with short hair.
    Opal--I like this! Violet is popular, Jasper, Jewel, Pearl, why not Opal? Makes me think of a beauty with bright watery blue eyes.
    Constance--Nice name, but nn "Connie" is ewwww NMS.
    Elva--This one would probably get some sideways looks, but it is simple and sweet, however, I do picture someone with dark hair parted down the middle with brooding eyes!
    Betty--Adorable qualities, works for young and old, but I prefer Betsy.
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    I love Hazel, Mabel, Della and Elva from your list! I think they are wonderful names and are very pretty and girly. I'm not so keen on Constance because it a bit too fussy for me.
    My grandfather also had many sisters, I can't remember all of their names but here are some I can remember. I find them quite modern considering they would be in their 80's and 90's.


    My grandmother on the other hand was one of 3 girls, they were called Margaret Mildred (My Grandmother), Elsie May and Dorothy nn Dora.

    Some ways to get the nickname Betty are;

    Bethan (My name, and my dad calls me Betty to tease me!)
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    Hazel - Beautiful and usable!
    Luella - This name rocks, first time hearing it and it's great
    Nellie - It's okay and usable just not my particular style
    Della - Great!
    Mabel - Cute
    Mabelline - Hmmm... maybe not usable b/c of the make-up company
    Gladys - I think that it's usable, you might just get a few odd looks from people
    Thelma - Spunky!
    Opal - Pretty
    Constance - I really adore this name, unfortunately for me it doesn't work with my last name
    Elva - It's usable, just not my particular style
    Betty - Absolutely Love it! My favorite way to get to Betty is Elizabeth or just naming her Betty

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