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    Bette or Betty as a nn

    What would you think if you met a multiracial little girl named Beatrice who went by Bette or Betty?

    All of a sudden DH said he would consider Beatrice. It would also mean her name would have alliteration. Beatrice Bernstrom. I am thinking Beatrice Linn or Beatrice Ann. Lynn is my mothers MN. I really have a weird thing where i dislike letters that fall below the line so I would use the Swedish spelling of Linn. My husband is swedish and our son has the very swedish name of Nils, so I dont think it would be that strange. what do you think?
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    I LOVE it! Love Beatrice, love Bette or Betty as the nickname, and love the alliteration! Seriously, I absolutely adore it.
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    Love it. Beatrice is one of my favorite names. I wouldn't thought of the nicknames Bette or Betty for it, but I think they work. Very well!

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    Beatrice Linn is just the sweetest thing! Betty is adorable as well (Bette is also sweet, but I always have an urge to mispronounce it as just 'bet' even though I know better) Good luck!

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    Love it! And both nicknames too (Bette or Betty are both nicer, I think, than Bea).

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