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  • Cassandra Eira Eleri (eh-LAIR-ee)

    9 47.37%
  • Cassandra Eira Elidi (eh-LEE-dee)

    3 15.79%
  • Cassandra Eira Elenid (eh-LEH-nid)

    7 36.84%
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    I am a notoriously bad decision maker, and this does not lend itself to creating combinations very easily. (I expect it will get much worse when there is an ACTUAL baby to name...) Anyway, I find it really difficult to choose between names, especially when two names are sorted and I just need one more. I suspect that this might be a common problem among Berries, as there are usually so many names we love and want to use! A previous thought was Cassandra Eira Roselaine but for various reasons, I am adjusting it slightly. So, my question is, which of the above would you prefer to see on someone else's child?

    I am in England if that affects anything...

    Thank you!
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