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    Trying to tie together a potential sib set here...
    Clarinda nn Indy
    Margaret nn Maisy
    Charlotte nn Scout
    Henry nn Hank
    Enoch nn Knox
    Christian or Christiopher nn Kip, Kit or Topher

    What do you think?
    Names I love for my future children:
    Girls: Maisy, Nora, Josephine, Lydia, Marian, Clementine, Amelia, Scout, Naomi, Darcy, Sage, Blair
    Boys:Gabriel/Gable, Kale, Easton, Jasper, Carlisle, Joseph, Jameson, Grant, Bennett, Asher

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    Clarinda nn Indy
    Margaret nn Maisy
    Charlotte nn Scout

    They're not a bad fit, but there's something not quite right to me. Perhaps it's the similar endings to Charlotte and Margaret, or that Charlotte and Clarinda seem a bit more 'vintage vogue' than Margaret, which still feels fusty IMO. Love the nn Indy though. But I can't quite see where Scout's come from.

    Henry nn Hank
    Enoch nn Knox
    Christian or Christopher nn Kip, Kit or Topher

    Same as the girls. Enoch seems like the odd man here as Christian and Henry are a little more popular. It's not bad though. I slightly prefer Christian over Christopher, and Kit & Kip are handsome NNs. If there's one name here I really don't like, it's Hank. I'm not a Hank fan. It reminds me of 'spank' and 'hanky-panky'. Have you considered Harry at all?

    What about G/B sibsets? I think Henry, Charlotte & Enoch, Clarinda, Henry & Margaret, Christian, Enoch & Charlotte and Henry, Clarinda & Charlotte work well. I also see you've got Theodore in your signature- Theodore, Henry and Charlotte are gorgeous!
    William ♠ Thomas ♠ Peter ♠ Henry ~ Rose ♠ Alice ♠ Ivy ♠ Lowenna
    Mowesi ~ Henwyn Kernewek ~ Mebyon

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    Wow, Indy, Maisy, and Scout are pretty much perfection together!
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    I love Margaret "Maisy", and Henry "Hank"!
    I'm not big on the full names or nicknames for the other ones, though, sorry.
    Seraphine, Jemima, Leonor, Seffora, Eulalia
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