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    What donyounthonk of my top five

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    I love Agatha Kate! Second to that, I like Freya Eloise.

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    Cute names! I really like Freya Eloise, Agatha Kate and Viviana Paige. I'm not sold on Lynette (although I love Stella) or Ianna (although I love Beth. Nice combos.
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    1. Freya Eloise It's not my style, but the combo works well. It seems trendy and cool but not tacky.
    2. Stella Lynette I love Lynette, and it works with Stella.
    3. Agatha Kate I tend to dislike Kate on it's own. This works though. I think it's good to have something a little modern with Agatha.
    4. Viviana Paige Sweet and really cool.
    5. Ianna Beth Beth on its own seems nicknamey. Ianna is a little more out there. It's not my favorite. I would pick something from #1-4.

    I would rank them:
    1 Stella Lynette
    2 Viviana Paige (good sister set)
    3 Freya Eloise
    4 Agatha Kate (almost tied with Freya)
    5 Ianna Beth

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    My favorite would be Ianna Kate, if I could choose. I also like Stella and Viviana. Not keen on the rest. Really dont like Freya.
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