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Thread: Regina

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    First thought was Mean Girls.
    That aside, I don't mind it. Gina is a cute nn. Reggie could be a really quirk nn for a tomboy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by liana View Post
    Oh my. I didn't know it rhymed with Vagina. I've never heard of that pronunciation, only Re-Gee-Na.
    That could be a problem.., but I am in Australia so...
    I'm from Australia too and I don't think any one here would associate Regina with Vagina because they are pronounced differently here so I wouldn't worry about that I think it's a very usable name here!
    Also my first thought was mean girls but it wasn't a negative thought so I don't see that as a problem
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    Quote Originally Posted by moonkai View Post
    It makes me think of Regina Spektor, who IMO is one of the most fabulously weird songstresses out there.

    I like it. I think it is cute and fresh.

    I second this

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    "Regina George is flawless. I hear her hair is insured for $10,000"

    No, I don't mind the Mean Girls a pp said, if anything, it makes the name look wearable today. It sounds like it's said with the gee not the gye most places outside of Canada, so I wouldn't be that worried about loads of cute nickname options if she ever did want to avoid it: Reggie, Gigi, Gina... I like it.
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    Since my students quote Mean Girls on a daily basis (seriously, it's like a HS cult classic right now... I even have girls who wear pink on Wednesdays... I kid you not), I did think Mean Girls, but who cares? I don't mind the association at all. Regina is also a main character in the TV show Once Upon a Time that is currently on TV.

    I like the name.
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