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    Calla - too contrived?

    I have always liked the name Lily, but it's gotten too popular for me. The other day, I thought of the name Calla. I looked it up, and sure enough, people have used it.

    I love that it's so simple and fresh. But I'm worried it's contrived and sort of "out there." Or maybe she wouldn't be taken seriously as an adult.

    I like traditional sounding names, so this is a big departure for me.


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    I like it. It sounds delicate and vintage - and I prefer it much more than the trendy Kayla. I can see people calling her Callie as a nickname.
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    Calla is really not "out there"; its beautiful and has been around for a long time as a girl name.

    But, if you'd like other names that mean lily or have ties to lilies, try some of these:
    Susan (there are lots of variations and spins on this one)
    And of course the many variations of Lillian

    You can also combine bits and pieces of other names with Lil or Calla, such as Callabeth or Roselily (Johnny Depp named his daughter Rose-Lily). This is only if you really think Calla or Lily just won't cut it by themselves. If you do this, choose wisely, and make sure it flows well (which may be tricky).

    I'd also suggest If You Like Lily, You Might Like... (I really think you might like Camilla.)

    But really, I think Calla is your best bet if you are really set in your Lily ways. Otherwise, there are a lot of names that secretly have ties or meanings of flowers (like Lita or Briallen).
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    I see Calla quite often on this site. I think it's beautiful, and I love it as an alternative to the very tired, dated, and overused Kayla.
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    Thanks!! I really love it, too. I would need to think long and hard on a middle name.....

    I want to incorporate a family name of Carolyn or Caroline, but that sounds terrible with Calla! Ha.

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