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    Question opinions in the name Dorothy??

    The more i think about the name Dorothy the more i like it. Im not quite in love with it yet but i really think i could be! Its also a family name which is a nice bonus!

    So.... what do you think of Dorothy? What nn would you use... ???? Any nn suggestions besides the rwgular??
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    I adore Dorothy! My favorite nicknames for it are Dot and Dottie.
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    I know that most berries love Dorothy, but I think it is terrible. I think I would hate being a Dorothy with all the frilly Sophie and Emma's. I am not into overly popular names, but I would rather have a popular name than one that seems so dowdy. Sorry, just my opinion.

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    It is sweet, but I would never use it. Dottie is adorable!
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    I love it. I seriously considered using Dorothy for one of my daughters. I think the nicknames Dot and Dottie are very sweet.

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