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    I've had similar worries Ottilie . All my life I wanted to incorporate my love of literature into my children's names. Howaever,pregnancy hormones/anxiety and overpowering family members allowed me to cave in and doubt myself, giving up various long loved names . I love my daughter's name, but I compltely understand the feeling of not having that part of yourself in the name (yay , I'm not nuts). But your daughter does have a stunning name that is interesting but restrained at the same time. I think sometimes names can be too much as parents try to cram every aspect of themselves into them . This can then take away from the beauty of the individual names. Rosalind's name doesn't do this- all 3 of her names stand well together and are beautiful individually.
    On the other hand, If you are really in doubt , sleep on it. It is not too late too change it now , but wil be once you sign those forms xxxx

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    You are overthinking it. Your daughter's name is beautiful and you don't need incorporate all of your personal interests in your child's name.

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    Thanks guys, obviously I'm just a bit nuts. Sleep deprivation and headaches. I'm not going to change her name, I love it, I just have a hard time filling the papers out. I did play with Rosalind Illyria Charis in my head, but I love Beatrice just as much. I'm not having name regret, I'm just trying to be careful so I don't mess it up.

    Anyway, thank you all for calming my nerves. And bearing with me.
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    I felt nervous too when I filled out the papers for Luther. I was terrified I was going to accidentally misspell something! But it was really fun getting official documents (SIN card, Health Card, Bank card) with his name on it!
    Anxiously awaiting a brother or sister for Luther Wolf, due November/15!
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    I was pretty nervous filling out the paperwork for Ivan. It was absolutely his name, but it's vowel heavy and a Russian name with a linguistically Italian name sounds a little silly. I was also a little sad that we were essentially naming him John. I think it's pretty normal to be nervous.

    I know you said you aren't changing it, I just wanted to comment. Stunning name!

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