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    Felicity! I love Caleb, Annabel, and Felicity together. Felicity Violet would be pretty.
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    You have a nice list! My favorites to go with Caleb and Annabel:

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    Thanks for the input! It should probably be noted that this list is not 100% husband approved. :lol: Also, Georgiana would very likely have made the cut if the -ana ending didn't give me pause. What do you think? Is Georgiana out since we already have an Annabel? Her nickname would be either Ginny or Georgie, and Annabel's occasional nickname is Bell. She flat-out refuses to be called Anna or Annie.
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    I absolutely love Georgiana, but I love -ana endings... always have. Georgiana also reminds me of Georgiana Darcy.

    Out of your names, I'm going to 100% go with Felicity. It has the same vintage sophistication as Annabel. They are both cute, but mature and wearable names. Plus, I love Felicity's meaning.
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    With Caleb and Annabel, I like Elizabeth, Madeleine and Tabitha best. I don't know how you get Molly or Maud from Madeliene though.

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