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    Thanks for the suggestions. I like the 'Matilda Mae' combo and Clara Jane Margret does feel like it flows better with the names switched over, I'm not stuck on needing the one syllable middle at the end, so definitely open to moving the names around if it makes the whole name flow better. I really, really like Gretchen as a name but DH says no way......can't win them all I guess

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    I like the flow of Clara Jane Margaret.
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    Clara Margaret sounds fine to me, but I say CLAIR-uh MAR-gret, not CLAR-uh mar-GUH-ret. I kinda skip that whole syllable, ha.

    Clara Jane Margaret is nice.
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    Clara Jane Margaret & Clara Matilda Pearl are both gorgeous!

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    Thanks everyone, I think Clara Matilda Pearl is the one! It's totally our style and fits all "wants" in a name....if only boys names were as easy....

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