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    There are many beautiful suggestions. And I agree that pretty much any g name works . Although soft-g names are a bit more natural I suppose. Do you have any G names you love?

    My favorite of the names suggested is Giselle. The nickname works very well too.

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    My mother is Gloria and is called Gigi but in reality ANY "G" name can use this nickname!

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    I love Georgiana nn Gigi, although I think really any "G" name can get the nn, honestly. Or any name with the initials GG (personally, I would love to see Grace Giselle, nn Gigi!).

    I like the suggestions of Georgia, Giuseppina, Giuliana, Giselle, and Imogen, as well.

    The only other idea I had was Georgina.

    Good luck!
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    I like the name Gisele/Giselle a lot! What do you all think of Gittel? Maybe, I could do something like Gittella? Or something or other. Thoughts?
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    I knew a Gigi full name Georjana, but I agree that any "G" name will do... or for that matter most "J" names as well
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