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    Harry Potter 7 child quiz :D

    First Name: your favourite patronus would be.....?
    Stag: Harriet
    Lion: Leona
    Horse: Philippa
    Rabbit: Bianca
    Dog: Elsie
    Phoenix: Fiona
    Cat: Catherine
    Dragon: Elora

    Middle Names: your favourite book is.....?
    Philosopher's Stone: Juliette
    Chamber of Secrets: Elizabeth
    Prisoner of Azkaban: Arabella
    Goblet of Fire: Jane
    Order of the Phoenix: Sienna
    Half-Blood Prince: Milena
    Deathly Hallows: Hailey

    First names: After fave male/female characters

    Middle names: you would name your owl/cat.....?
    OWLS (son's middle)
    Hedwig: Felix
    Errol: Eric
    Athena: Lucas
    Calahan: Caspian
    Bandit: Oliver
    Caspar: Jasper
    Archimedes: William
    Taurus: Tarrant

    CATS (girl's middle)
    Crookshanks: Lucy
    Winona: Ravenna
    Katrina: Catriona
    Redpaw: Savannah
    Bear: Louisa
    Blaken: Darcey
    Sabrina: Zoey

    #4 SON
    First name: Wand core of choice?
    Phoenix feather: Phoenix
    Veela hair: Liam
    Thestral tail hair: Isaac
    Unicorn hair: Maxon
    Dragon heartstring: Draco (or Daniel if Draco was used already)
    Ashwinder scale: Asher

    Middle name: Wand wood of choice?
    Rosewood: Peter
    Elm: Johnathon
    Oak: Thomas
    Pine: Kieran
    Maple: Maverick
    Sycamore: Solomon

    Daughter 1)
    2 favourite Hogwarts Classes? For both first & middle names. Order doesn't matter.
    Transfiguration: Emmeline
    Defence Against the Dark Arts: Cecelia
    Charms: Charlotte
    Arithmancy: Lorna
    Charms: Rhiannon
    Potions: Lily
    Divination: Sybil
    Astronomy: Luna (or Celeste if you used this for 2nd girl)
    History of Magic: Addison
    Ancient Runes: Giovanna
    Muggle Studies: Bethany
    Herbology: Isabella
    Care of Magical Creatures: Rosalie

    Daughter 2) 2 Favourite teachers? For both first & middle names. Order doesn't matter.
    Minerva McGonagoll: Mirana
    Albus Dumbledore: Alice
    Severus Snape: Seraphina
    Remus Lupin: Renatta
    Mad-eye Moody: Iris
    Filius Flitwick: Felicity
    Pomona Sprout: Persephone
    Poppy Pomfrey: Iona

    Son) First name: Favourite House?
    Gryffindor: Gregory
    Ravenclaw: Fabian
    Huffelpuff: Henry
    Slytherin: Silas

    Middle name: Favourite School? (not including Hogwarts)
    Durmstrang Institute: Vincent
    Beauxbatons Academy of Magic: Theodore.
    Salem Witches' Institute: Aurelius

    List your family and give them ages & sort them if you want!!!
    Lily Alice

    Arabella - Flora - Ginny - Juliet - Meredith

    Benedict - Dominic - James - Nico - Peter

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    Harriet Arabella 16 - Ravenclaw
    Sirius Felix 14 - Gryffindor
    Hermione Ravenna 14 - Gryffindor
    Maxon Peter 13 - Ravenclaw
    Emmeline Lily 11 - Ravenclaw
    Mirana Alice 11 - Gryffindor
    Fabian Theodore 11 - Ravenclaw

    Hattie, Sirius, Mia, Max, Emma, Ana & Finn
    Lily Alice

    Arabella - Flora - Ginny - Juliet - Meredith

    Benedict - Dominic - James - Nico - Peter

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    Name loving BritBerry

    Little ladies
    Rosamund Fawn//Bernadette Rose//Eloise Margo

    Little gents
    Emrys Theodore//Brogan Robert James//Eliot Sebastian

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