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    I like Maya best, followed by Margot, with Mara as a distant top third. I don't really love it--I don't like the sound, or the personality it gives off to me--but I love the way most -ara names look (Clara, Cara, Zara, Sara(h), Arabella... I love them all!), and I think it's a quite refreshing name.
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    Genevieve Elena GrierPeter Matthias GreyEvangeline Dagny HopeGrant Frédéric Elias
    Samuel Gaspard JohnLeonora Lilac AnoukRowan Joshua ReidAdele Sofia Eloise
    Emmeline Poppy CécileBoaz Andreas HenryAmelia Zoe WrenZane Alexander Caspian

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    I have always liked Mara so I would put this first.

    1) Mara
    2) Margot
    3) Maya

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    Definitely Margo!

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    Since I have a Margot myself, I have to vote for Margot. But do note: this IS the French spelling. The -eaux spelling looks more French, but it isn't authentically French as a girls' name--only as the name of a wine-maker.

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    Love Margot! Mara would be second.
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