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    My fav is sylvie jane

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    They all sound nice with Elsa. However, I personally would be afraid to use Florence because I really dislike the nickname Flo.

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    I like Florence with Elsa. Second choice is Vivian. Alice is in the middle spot so it doesn't matter if it's a little similar to Elsa's name. However, I do think Olive and Elsa are too similar in sound and I don't like Elsa and Sylvie together (el and yl).
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    I don't like any of those names with Elsa. Maybe Olive or Sylvie. I would go with Margot, Leonie, Dagmar, Fiona, Francesca, Daphne, Constance, Cecily, Sybil, Alix, Deirdre, Faye, Ginger, Hedwig, Irene, Lucy, Nadia, and Mina. Good Luck!

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    I like Vivian Alice with Elsa Beatrice.

    Florence seems too long in comparison.

    Sylvie is too close to the word silver for me and I prefer Olivia to Olive.

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