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    Oct 2012
    Sydney, Australia
    Aurore Mila (swapped)
    Kit Odelia (changed fn)
    Blythe Isabelle (kept)
    June Lea (changed mn)
    Robin Mara (initials)

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    Lea June (swapped)
    Aurore Mila (kept)
    Boheme Isabelle (changed fn)
    Kara Olive initials)
    Robin Irina (changed mn)
    Babies and baby names lover, Belgium, student

    Feel free to check out my blog:

    Hard to narrow my ever-changing list...
    Pretty in Pink: Cora, Acacia, India/Indira, Stella, Nova, Victoria, Aria, Eliora
    Dashing in Blue: Samuel, Ezra, Elias, Asher, Silas, Joshua, Noah, Caleb, Matthias, Ethan

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    Sunniva June (changed fn)
    Aurore Mila (kept)
    Boheme Farrah (changed mn)
    Kalanthe Opal (initials)
    Irina Robin (swapped)

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    Apr 2011
    Gosford, NSW
    Sunniva June (Kept)
    Opal Kalanthe (Swapped)
    Boheme Indira (changed MN)
    Jasmine Mila (Changed FN)
    Isadora Ruby (Initials)
    Clementine, Agnes, Edith, Autumn, Max, Frances, Alaska, Fable
    Theodora, Adelaide, Bohemia, Luna, Henrietta, Enid, June,

    August, Jude, Archer, Sullivan, Hayes, River, Finnegan
    Rafferty, Max, Roux, Atticus (Kit), Silas, Winter, Indigo

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    Nov 2010
    Jasmine Mila (kept)
    Ruby Isadora (swapped)
    Antonella Indira (changed fn)
    Opal Maddalena (changed mn)
    Savannah Jolene (initials)


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