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    CAF With Classic Names

    DH(67): Henry, Maxwell, William / Charles, Philip, James (LN: Hill, Mitchell, Turner)
    DW(65): Marian, Margaret, Celeste / Eleanor, Evelyn, Claire (MN: Evans, Bell, Murphy)

    DD1(45): Jane, Caroline, Anna / Mother's first name
    DS1(43): Father's name Jr.
    DD2(40): Felicity, Laura, Olivia / Mother's middle name
    DD3(38): Catherine, Victoria, Erin / Elizabeth, Helene, Rose


    DD1: (45)
    DH(46): Ryan, Edward, John / Donovan, George, Martin (LN: Cox, Gray, Hamilton)

    DD1(23): Cassandra, Brooke, Samantha / Rosalie, Camille, Fiona
    DS1(19): Austin, Daniel, Robert / Father's first name
    DD2(17): Hannah, Angelina, Kate / Violet, Jade, Madeline


    DD1: (23)
    DBF(25): William, Thomas, Dylan / Spencer, Alexander, Christopher (LN: Gordon, Robertson, Grant)

    DS(nb): Elijah, Isaac, Julian / Father's middle name


    DS1: (43)
    DW(44): Christine, Lydia, Sabrina / Marie, Vivienne, Anne (MN: Watkins, Austin, Fields)

    DD1(18): Natalie, Emma, Isabel / Mother's first name
    DS1(15): Julia, Sarah, Jane / Mother's middle name
    DD2(12): Sophia, Ivy, Norah / Grandmother's first name


    DD2: (40)
    DH(42): Adam, Patrick, Richard / Samuel, Nicholas, Nathan (LN: Day, Hoffman, Fowler)

    DD1(15): Audrey, Miriam, Faye / Harriet, Matilda, Adelaide
    DD2(13): Alice, Abigail, Clara / Lillian, Eloise, Juliette


    DD3: (38)
    DH(39): Andrew, Jake, Jonathan / Nathaniel, Neal, Timothy (LN: Manning, Strickland, Goodman)

    DD1(14): Emily, Georgia, Eva / Mother's first name
    DD2(12): Jemima, Lola, Zoe / Grace, Mae, Annabelle
    DS1(10): Marcus, Vincent, Elliott / Father's first name
    DD3(6): Ivy, Edie, Daisy / Annabeth, Anneliese, Emmeline
    DD4(3): Cleo, Mia, Wren / Hazel, Clementine, Ingrid
    DD5(1): Willa, Ella, Darcy / Penelope, Astrid, Isabelle
    Isaac Carl Roger + Alice Astrid Maria + Alvin Carl Isidor
    auntie to Milia Therese & Colin Per Mikael

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    DH: William James Mitchell (67)
    DW: Marian Eleanor (Evans) Mitchell (65)

    DD1: Anna Marian Mitchell (45)
    DS1: William James Mitchell Jr. (43)
    DD2: Olivia Eleanor Mitchell (40)
    DD3: Victoria Elizabeth Mitchell (38)


    DD1: Anna Marian (Mitchell) Cox (45)
    DH: Ryan George Cox (46)

    DD1: Brooke Rosalie Cox (23)
    DS1: Daniel Ryan Cox (19)
    DD2: Kate Madeline Cox (17)


    DD1: Brooke Rosalie Cox (23)
    DBF: Dylan Alexander Grant (25)

    DS: Julian Alexander Grant (nb)


    DS1: William James Mitchell Jr. (43)
    DW: Christine Marie (Fields) Mitchell (44)

    DD1: Emma Christine Mitchell (18)
    DS1: Julia Marie Mitchell (15)
    DD2: Sophia Marian Mitchell (12)


    DD2: Olivia Eleanor (Mitchell) Hoffman (40)
    DH: Adam Nicholas Hoffman (42)

    DD1: Audrey Adelaide Hoffman (15)
    DD2: Abigail Lillian Hoffman (13)


    DD3: Victoria Elizabeth (Mitchell) Strickland (38)
    DH: Jonathan Timothy Strickland (39)

    DD1: Eva Victoria Strickland (14)
    DD2: Zoe Annabelle Strickland (12)
    DS1: Elliott Jonathan Strickland (10)
    DD3: Edie Annaliese Strickland (6)
    DD4: Mia Clementine Strickland (3)
    DD5: Willa Penelope Strickland (1)
    Isaac Carl Roger + Alice Astrid Maria + Alvin Carl Isidor
    auntie to Milia Therese & Colin Per Mikael

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    DH(67): Maxwell James Turner
    DW(65): Celeste Evelyn Turner (mn: Murphy)

    DD1(45): Jane Celeste Turner
    DS1(43): MaxwellMaxJames Turner Jr.
    DD2(40): Laura Evelyn Turner
    DD3(38): Erin Rose Turner
    DD1: (45) Jane Celeste Hamilton
    DH(46): Ryan Donovan Hamilton

    DD1(23): Brooke Rosalie Hamilton
    DS1(19): Austin Ryan Hamilton
    DD2(17): Kate Jade Hamilton
    DD1: (23) Brooke Rosalie Hamilton
    DBF(25): Dylan Alexander Grant

    DS(nb): Julian Alexander Grant
    DS1: (43) MaxwellMaxJames Turner Jr.
    DW(44): Sabrina Vivienne Turner (mn: Watkins)

    DD1(18): IsabelIzzySabrina Turner
    DS1(15): Sarah Vivienne Turner
    DD2(12): Norah Celeste Turner
    DD2: (40) Laura Evelyn Day
    DH(42): Patrick Samuel Day

    DD1(15): Audrey Matilda Day
    DD2(13): Clara Juliette Day
    DD3: (38) Erin Rose Manning
    DH(39): Jake Timothy Manning

    DD1(14): Georgia Eric Manning
    DD2(12): Lola Annabelle Manning
    DS1(10): Marcus Jake Manning
    DD3(6): Ivy Anneliese Manning
    DD4(3): Cleo Ingrid Manning
    DD5(1): Ella Penelope Manning

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    DH(67): Maxwell James Turner
    DW(65): Celeste Claire Murphy

    DD1(45): Anna Celeste Turner
    DS1(43): Maxwell James "Jamie" Turner Jr.
    DD2(40): Laura Claire Turner
    DD3(38): Erin Elizabeth Turner


    DD1(45): Anna Celeste Turner
    DH(46): Ryan George Gray

    DD1(23): Cassandra Rosalie Gray
    DS1(19): Austin Ryan Gray
    DD2(17): Kate Madeline Gray


    DD1(23): Cassandra Rosalie Gray
    DBF(25): Dylan Spencer Grant

    DS(nb): Julian Spencer Grant


    DS1(43): Maxwell James "Jamie" Turner Jr.
    DW(44): Lydia Marie Fields

    DD1(18): Isabel Lydia Turner
    DS1(15): Julia Marie Turner
    DD2(12): Ivy Celeste Turner


    DD2(40): Laura Claire Turner
    DH(42): Adam Samuel Fowler

    DD1(15): Audrey Matilda Fowler
    DD2(13): Clara Juliette Fowler


    DD3(38): Erin Elizabeth Turner
    DH(39): Andrew Nathaniel Goodman

    DD1(14): Georgia Erin Goodman
    DD2(12): Zoe Mae Goodman
    DS1(10): Vincent Andrew Goodman
    DD3(6): Ivy Annabeth Goodman
    DD4(3): Cleo Ingrid Goodman
    DD5(1): Ella Astrid Goodman
    Aimee Keren ~ 16 ~ Reader ~ Swimmer

    Ayla Sylvie ~ Brynn Cosima ~ Elodie Poet ~ Kaia Xanthe Linnea ~ Isabelle Susannah ~ Ophelia Maeve ~ Arabella Simone ~ Georgiana Emmeline ~ Saskia Mirabelle

    Brennan Darcy ~ Gabriel/Gavriel Kieran ~ Bailey Emerson ~ Dax Dorian ~ Killian Jude ~ Gideon Emory ~ Ronen Gray

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    DH(67): Henry James Turner, Sr.
    DW(65): Margaret Eleanor Turner (Evans).

    DD1(45): Caroline Margaret Turner.
    DS1(43): Henry James Turner, Jr.
    DD2(40): Laura Eleanor Turner.
    DD3(38): Victoria Rose Turner.


    DD1: (45) Caroline Margaret Gray (Turner).
    DH(46): Edward Donovan Gray.

    DD1(23): Samantha Camille Gray.
    DS1(19): Austin Edward Gray.
    DD2(17): Angelina Jade Gray.


    DD1: (23) Samantha Camille Gray.
    DBF(25): Dylan Alexander Robertson.

    DS(nb): Elijah Dylan Robertson.


    DS1: (43) Henry James Turner, Jr.
    DW(44): Christine Marie Turner (Watkins).

    DD1(18): Emma Christine Turner.
    DS1(15): Julia Marie Turner.
    DD2(12): Sophia Margaret Turner.


    DD2: (40) Laura Eleanor Fowler (Turner).
    DH(42): Adam Samuel Fowler.

    DD1(15): Audrey Matilda Fowler.
    DD2(13): Clara Lillian Fowler.


    DD3: (38) Victoria Rose Strickland (Turner).
    DH(39): Andrew Nathaniel Strickland.

    DD1(14): Georgia Victoria Strickland.
    DD2(12): Zoe Annabelle Strickland.
    DS1(10): Vincent Andrew Strickland.
    DD3(6): Ivy Emmeline Strickland.
    DD4(3): Wren Hazel Strickland.
    DD5(1): Ella Astrid Strickland.

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