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    Hmmm how interestingly clever!

    Your name in reverse order is ????
    A random rearrangement of the letters in your name (anagram) will give you???
    You can do your name , DH, DF, SO, OH?? names and children too!!
    A bit for fun for a sunday!

    Ok i will start :

    My name is Danielle grace
    Backwards it is: Elleinad Ecrag
    An anagram of my name is: Eliaednl Racge

    My partners name is Richard Mark
    backwards it is: Drahcir Kram
    an anagram of the name is : Iahdrrc Makr

    Our childrens names
    My son : Bailey Ashton
    Backwards it is: Yeliab Nothsa
    Anagram: Aiblye Ahntos

    My daughter: Liberty faith arizona
    Backwards: Ytrebil Htiaf Anozira
    anagram : Tleyibr Ihfta Araonzi

    So basically have some fun!!
    Dani, (U.K Mumma) Love my kids Bailey & Liberty {stepmum to angel Calium 17/4/02-25/06/02} ❤ Future daughter's name will be Kairi Peyton ❤

    Faves: (B) Phoenix, Elijah, Zeke, Logan, Vincent, Talon, Castiel, Kye, Auron, Xavier, Orion, Gunner, Aeydn, Roman, Zephyr
    (G) Asharlia/Aschalia, Maddilynn, Ksenia, Genevieve, Isabeau, Talia, Marnie, Wynter, Sofia, Emery/Emmarie, Elyse, Myka, Bonnie, Schyler (nn Chyler)

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    My name is Lyra Elizabeth
    Backwards it is: Aryl Htebazile
    An anagram of my name is: Aryl Bazilethe

    My sister is Hayley Dakota
    Backwards it is: Yelyah Atokad
    An anagram of her name is: Yehlya Kadota

    I don't really know others with to names. *w*
    Proud Auntie/cousin to;
    Silke (23-8-11), Sophia (18-11-11), Victoria (13-8-13) & Hopefully little Alex (due Dec!)

    Dagmar Selene ~ Lystra Science ~ Linde Harriet ~ Oswald Seth ~ Laurel Bellamy ~ Ianto Lior~

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    My name is Stacey Marie
    Backwards it is Yecats Eiram
    An anagram of my name is: Tyseca Mirea

    My sister is Ali Michelle
    Backwards: Ila Ellehcim
    Anagram: Lia Elliemch

    My dad: Roy
    Backwards: Yor
    Anagram: Ory

    My mom: Barbara Elaine
    Backwards: Arabrab Eniale
    Anagram: Arabbra Lieane

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    Sep 2011
    Mercedes Merrick
    Sedecrem Kcirrem
    Cremeeds Crikrem
    Current Favorites:
    Bay, Isabeau *Iso*, Lux, Phoebe, Vada
    Barrett, Grayer, Judson, Rockwell *Wells*, Solomon *Solo*

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    I used to write my name backwards all the time when I was younger. It was fun figuring a pronunciation and I used it a nom de plume before.
    My name: Danielle Nicole
    Backwards:Elleinad Elocin
    Anagram: Adnielle Lecino
    Pronunciation: El-lei-nad El-uh-sin

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