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Thread: Too many L's?

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    Too many L's?

    I need some feedback... I LOVE the name Lila, but my last name is Lemley... But that is 4 L's and I don't want it to sound silly... Lila Lemley. Is it too much?

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    It is a bit much, sorry. Saying the name out loud, I got a bit tripped up.
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    I think it is too much, sorry! It would even help if the two names were a different number of syllables or if the Ls fell in different parts of the names.

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    Alliteration is great when the names sound different beyond the first letter. Lila and Lemley are both two syllables and both syllables start with the L. Way too sing songy imo.

    Delilah Lemley sounds a little bit better. Kyla Lemley works. There are probably other names that would be similar to Lila that would work.
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    I agree, sorry! I adore Lila, and I would love to be able to say it's okay, but Lila Lemley is a lot of "L"! I felt like I was saying "luh-luh-luh-luh..." Maybe if you could come up with something a bit less "L" heavy with the nn Lila? Like Violet Lemley, nn Lila? It's a fairly huge stretch, but I would think it could work if you really loved it. I find something like Lorelei Lemley "Lila" or Delilah Lemley "Lila" are still too "L" heavy for me.
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