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  • Felix Emmert

    29 53.70%
  • Lennox Emmert

    11 20.37%
  • Lincoln Emmert

    14 25.93%
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    New Option - Felix, Lincoln, & Lennox

    OK, so I misspelled Lincoln in the poll and we have a third option. I haven't been sold on Lincoln, I much prefer Felix. But, I may have found a compromise name because I'm really loving Lennox.

    EMMERT is the correct spelling of the middle name. it is my MIL's maiden name. It isn't changing, so it's not up for debate.

    The last name is two syllables and begins with an R.

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    It's still Felix Emmert.
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    Felix Emmert is still the winner for me! I don't like combos containing two surnames because they often sound more like a corporation than a person.
    All the best,

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    I used to, but now I really dislike Felix. Sorry.
    Lincoln is okay. I mainly only like it for the nickname Linc.
    Lennox I love!
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    Felix Emmert is the winner for me.
    Lennox would be my second choice but I'm just now wild about the _enn__ Emm___ thing visually.
    (Also I just plain adore Felix).
    ...if my husbands has no vote, then....
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