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    Apolline or Apollonia?

    I really like Apolline, but Apollonia is sneaking up on me. What do you all think? What kind of middle names would you pair with either?
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    Ooh! Apolline! I like Apolline a lot. Apollonia has a nice sound, but seems really over-the-top to me.

    I think a French middle might sound quite nice.
    Apolline Joelle
    Apolline Fleur
    Apolline Victoire
    Apolline Aimee
    Apolline Odette
    Apolline Mathilde
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    Love both! I'm actually struggling with the same issue now, I'm trying to narrow my list down and need to chose between these two. They appeal to different things in me.

    Apolline Amabel
    Apolline Cornelia
    Apolline Eira
    Apolline Ginevra
    Apolline Lerke
    Apolline Marian
    Apolline Rhoda
    Apolline Violette
    Apolline Zita

    Apollonia Alix/Alys
    Apollonia Beatrice
    Apollonia Hero
    Apollonia Ines
    Apollonia Leonie
    Apollonia Nell
    Apollonia Rosen
    Apollonia Sely
    Apollonia Seren
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    To me Apooline sound too much like uh-Pauline, so I definitely prefer Apollonia, but either way I adore the mythological reference!!!
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    Other favorites: Cytheria, Arcadia, Seraphina, Caspian, Gideon

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