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    Family #1
    LN: Anderson

    DH(39): James Daniel
    DW(36): Grace Claire
    DD(10): Chloe Arabella
    DD(7): Stella Amelia
    DS(5): Logan Noah
    DS(2): Emmett Milo
    DD(NB): Maisie Lydia

    Family #2
    LN: Phillips

    DH(45): Brett Austin
    DW(41): Samantha Louise
    DS(16): Brady William
    DS(14): Callum Troy
    DD(11): Anneliese Eve
    DS(5): Owen Jude

    Family #3
    LN: Mulligan

    DH(32): Carter Shane
    DW(29): Madeleine Sarah
    DD(5): Addison Blair
    DD(3): Savannah Cecily
    DD(1): Paisley Rose.

    Family #4
    LN: Ross

    DH(35): Nigel Rhett
    DW(35): Annika Mae
    DD(4): Genevieve Serena
    DS(1): Greyson Brooks

    Family #5
    LN: Galliger

    DH(37): Killian Rafferty
    DW(31): Elise Fiona
    DS(7): Holden Phineas
    DS(6): Landon Adler
    DD(6): Sadie Matilda
    DD(3): Cadence Teagan
    DS(1): Bennett Sawyer
    DD(NB): Maile Leonore

    Family #6
    LN: Jasper-Burke

    DH(30): Harry Corbin
    DH(30): Weston Beck
    ADD(2): Arden Norah
    ADS(NB): Griffin North
    ADS(NB): Vaughn Morrison

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    Husband: Andrew David Arjonas (Andy, 39)
    Wife: Anna Elizabeth Arjonas (Annie, 36)
    1st Daughter: Chloé Isabella Arjonas (10)
    2nd Daughter: Abigail Cordelia Arjonas (Abby, 7)
    1st Son: Samuel Jacob Arjonas (Sam, 5)
    2nd Son: Caleb Graham Arjonas (2)
    3rd Daughter: Amelie Freya Arjonas (Newborn)

    Chloé, Abby, Sam, Caleb & Amelie

    Husband: Roger Garvey Palington (Gerry, 45)
    Wife: Martina Nicole Palington (Tina, 41)
    1st Son: Brady Nicholas Palington (16)
    2nd Son: Harvey Rhys Palington (14)
    1st Daughter: Hannah Miriam Palington (11)
    3rd Son: August Jonah Palington (Gus, 5)

    Brady, Harvey, Hannah & Gus

    Husband: Paul Elliot Macomber (32)
    Wife: Victoria Helena Macomber (Vicky, 29)
    1st Daughter: Mia Alyssa Macomber (5)
    2nd Daughter: Cecily Aurora Macomber (Lily, 3)
    3rd Daughter: Gemma Luna Macomber (Gemmy, 1)

    Mia, Lily & Gemmy

    Husband: Eric Alan Rochester (Ricky, 35)
    Wife: Edith Ida Rochester (Edda, 35)
    1st Daughter: Serena Jade Rochester (4)
    1st Son: Miles Kieran Rochester (1)

    Serena & Miles

    Husband: Alec Donovan Glass (37)
    Wife: Heather Michelle Lawson-Glass (31)
    1st Son: Holden Chance Glass (7)
    2nd Son: Franklin Duke Glass (Frankie, 6, twin)
    1st Daughter: Harper Isabelle Glass (6, twin)
    2nd Daughter: Genesis Aviana Glass (Gen, 3)
    3rd Son: Archer Zion Glass (Charlie, 1)
    3rd Daughter: Amabel Willow (Belle, newborn)

    Holden, Frankie, Harper, Gen, Charlie & Belle

    Father: Jason Wesley Jules (30)
    Father: Easton Garth Jules (Tony, 30)
    1st Adopted Daughter: Anniston Celia Jules (Annie, 2)
    1st Adopted Son: Hopper Malachy Jules (Newborn, twin)
    2nd Adopted Son: Grover Branch Jules (Newborn, twin)

    Annie, Hopper & Grover
    What's in a Name? That Which We Call a Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet.
    -William Shakespeare-

    || Luna Hatidza || Elham Ibrahim ||

    ♥ Luna & Elham ♥

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    The Ahlers'

    DH: {39} Christopher Henry Ahlers
    DW: {36} Elizabeth Mary {Aaron} Ahlers

    DD: {10} Eden Felicity Ahlers
    DD: {7} Hazel Cecilia Ahlers
    DS: {5} Alexander Noah Ahlers
    DS: {2} Caleb Wyatt Ahlers
    DD: {nb} Maisie Imogen Ahlers


    The Piontek's

    DH: {45} Sebastian Giles Piontek
    DW: {41} Josephine Antonia {Pearson} Piontek

    DS: {16} Philip Arthur Piontek
    DS: {14} Lachlan Rhys Piontek
    DD: {11} Anneliese Ruth Piontek
    DS: {5} Maxwell Jude Piontek


    The Myska's

    DH: {32} Elliot Douglas Myska
    DW: {29} Madeleine Anne {Monte} Myska

    DD: {5} Blair Avery Myska
    DD: {3} Cecily Aurora Myska
    DD: {1} Daphne Adelaide Myska


    The Rosenberg's

    DH: {35} Julian Albert Rosenberg
    DW: {35} Leona Florence {Reiher} Rosenberg

    DD: {4} Genevieve Agnes Rosenberg
    DS1: {1} Finnegan Eli Rosenberg


    The Guillory's

    DH: {37} Cyrus Brennan Guillory
    DW: {31} Audrey Michelle {Goffe} Guillory

    DS: {7} Holden Silas Guillory
    DS: {6} Kai Theodore Guillory
    DD: {6} Isabelle Romy Guillory
    DD: {3} Haven Cheyenne Guillory
    DS: {1} Blaise Flynn Guillory
    DD: {nb} Saskia Willow Guillory


    The Jansen-Jagoda's

    DH: {30} Wesley Vincent Jansen
    DH: {30} Gideon Lewis Jagoda

    ADD: {2} Celia Hope Jansen-Jagoda
    ADS: {nb} Griffin Malachy Jansen-Jagoda
    ADS: {nb} Vaughn Barnabas Jansen-Jagoda
    "Because happy is what happens when all your dreams come true."
    Glinda, Wicked

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    Family #1
    LN: Astor

    DH(39): Daniel David James "Danny"
    DW(36): Elizabeth Anna Virginia "Bess"
    DD(10): Felicity Alexa Delilah
    DD(7): Cecilia Faith Amelia "Cissie"
    DS(5): Elijah Samuel Gabriel
    DS(2): Barnaby Hudson Jack
    DD(NB): Lydia Beatrix Alice "Lydie"

    Danny & Bess - Felicity, Cissie, Elijah, Barnaby & Lydie

    Family #2
    LN: Pendrake

    DH(45): Sebastian Dexter Cooper
    DW(41): Christine Henrietta Josephine "Chrissie"
    DS(16): Edmund Arthur Leopold "Teddy"
    DS(14): Rex Finley Lachlan
    DD(11): Anneliese Amy Magdalen "Anna"
    DS(5): Tristan Jonah Felix

    Sebastian & Chrissie - Teddy, Rex, Anna & Tristan

    Family #3
    LN: Moloney

    DH(32): Jude Carter Douglas
    DW(29): Catherine Helena Philippa "Kitty"
    DD(5): Dorothy Lillian Cornelia "Dottie"
    DD(3): Cassandra Cecily Evangeline "Cassie"
    DD(1): Adelaide Luna Clara "Lady"

    Jude & Kitty - Dottie, Cassie & Lady

    Family #4
    LN: Reynolds

    DH(35): Bradley Albert Zachary
    DW(35): Edith Leona Florence
    DD(4): Agnes Minerva Adele "Aggie"
    DS(1): Atticus Abel Miles "Kit"

    Bradley & Edith - Aggie & Kit

    Family #5
    LN: Grey

    DH(37): Alec Rafferty Donovan
    DW(31): Anais Bronte Caitlin
    DS(7): Bram Caspar Phineas
    DS(6): Caspian Adler Franklin "Cas"
    DD(6): Matilda Daisy Lucienne "Tilly"
    DD(3): Juniper Ainsley Ariella "Ginny"
    DS(1): Flynn Crosby Phoenix
    DD(NB): Amabel Fleur Leonore "Bel"

    Alec & Anais - Bram, Cas, Tilly, Ginny, Flynn & Bel

    Family #6
    LN: Jennery

    DH(30): Dante Harry Alexis
    DH(30): Weston Anthony Lewis "West"
    ADD(2): Hope Clarissa Faye
    ADS(NB): Griffin Isidore North "Fin"
    ADS(NB): Percival Amias Casimir "Percy"

    Dante & West - Hope, Fin & Percy
    W h a t ' s . . .

    Adelaide Mary | Juniper Jane | Hermione Clara | Romilly Elizabeth | Zelda Catherine | Rose Georgiana
    Edmund Alasdair | Wilfred Enjolras | Asa Hawking | Ciaran Emrys | Nathaniel Sirius | Jago Meriadoc

    Beatrix | Cecilia| Cicely | Demelza | Éowyn | Eulalia | Harriet | Khalilah | Lamorna | Lola | Margot
    Caius | Fisher | Jethro | Roland | Santiago

    . . . n e x t ?

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    Southern Tennessee, believe it or not.
    Family #1
    LN: Atherton

    DH(39): George Christopher James
    DW(36): Julia Mary

    DD(10): Scarlett Lila
    DD(7): Stella Lucy
    DS(5): Benjamin Gabriel
    DS(2): Levi Jack
    DD(NB): Ruby Lydia

    Family #2
    LN: Payne

    DH(45): Sebastian Cooper
    DW(41): Christine Nicole

    DS(16): Adrian Philip
    DS(14): Rhys Lennon Spencer
    DD(11): Leah Miriam
    DS(5): Tristan Felix Jude

    Family #3
    LN: McCartney

    DH(32): Paul Jude (Hehe. )
    DW(29): Sarah Victoria

    DD(5): Alyssa Mia
    DD(3): Mirabelle Evangeline
    DD(1): Gemma Paisley

    Family #4
    LN: Roberts

    DH(35): Julian Desmond
    DW(35): Annika Evelyn

    DD(4): Genevieve Jade
    DS(1): Liam Paxton Brooks

    Family #5
    LN: Gregor

    DH(37): Alec Seamus
    DW(31): Elise Michelle

    DS(7): Chance Bram
    DS(6): Bentley Kai
    DD(6): Georgia Isabelle
    DD(3): Genesis Brielle
    DS(1): Phoenix Jagger Blaise
    DD(NB): Lux Leonore

    Family #6
    LN: Jones

    DH(30): Harry Jason
    DH(30): Lewis Anthony

    ADD(2): Anniston Brooklyn
    ADS(NB): Redmond North
    ADS(NB): Vaughn Morrison
    Madison, 14-year-old name nerd! My style is all over the place, my favorites change all the time.

    Boys: David, Eric, Finlay, George, James, Jude, Lee, Michael, Paul, Richard, Rory.

    Girls: Emmanuelle, Frederica, Jayne, Juliet, Lauren, Mary, Molly, Nora, Raffaela, Stella.

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