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    Aug 2013
    Danville, Tri-State Area
    Family #1
    LN: Anderson

    DH(39): John Richard
    DW(36): Charlotte Grace
    DD(10): Delilah Scarlett "Lila"
    DD(7): Ada Mabel
    DS(5): Gabriel Jackson "Gabe"
    DS(2): Dashiell Jack "Dash"
    DD(NB): Maisie Tamsin

    Family #2
    LN: Paul

    DH(45): Roger Sebastian.
    DW(41): Antonia Louise
    DS(16): Adrian Frederick
    DS(14): Duncan Harvey
    DD(11): Miriam Ruth
    DS(5): Felix Maxwell

    Family #3
    LN: Martin

    DH(32): Cole Douglas
    DW(29): Catherine Judith
    DD(5): Avery Felicia
    DD(3): Cecily Mirabelle
    DD(1): Daphne Harlow

    Family #4
    LN: Richardson

    DH(35): Alan Charles
    DW(35): Bridget Mae
    DD(4): Bree Eliora
    DS(1): Beckett Greyson

    Family #5
    LN: Grant

    DH(37): Brennan Cyrus
    DW(31): Audrey Elise
    DS(7): Caspar Dorian
    DS(6): Adler Caspian
    DD(6): Sadie Annabelle
    DD(3): Ainsley Cadence
    DS(1): Bennett Sawyer
    DD(NB): Lux Saskia

    Family #6
    LN: Jennings

    DH(30): Beau Morgan
    DH(30): Anthony Beck
    ADD(2): Brooklyn Eve
    ADS(NB): Griffin North
    ADS(NB): Percival Vaughn "Percy"
    You can call me Abby
    Competitive dancer, hopeful writer, sophomore in high school,
    and most importantly, name obsessed
    My future little...
    Bows: Lila or Maeve or Moira or Sadie or Iris or Violet or Ivy or Margo
    Beaus: Carter or Jasper or Leo or Archer or Torin or Seamus or August

    To-be momma of a health class robot Asian baby girl: Leonor Acacia Hero coming February 6th!

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    Family #1- The Abbott Family
    Daniel John {39} & Rebecca Charlotte Jane {36}
    Felicity Lila {10}
    Cecilia Faith {7}
    Noah Benjamin {5}
    Graham Hudson {2}
    Maisie Clover {nb}

    Family #2- The Pierce Family
    Dexter Sebastian {45} & Alexandra Christine {41}
    Adrian Edmund {16}
    Harvey Callum {14}
    Anneliese Amy {11}
    Owen August {5}

    Family #3- The Montgomery Family
    Carter Paul {32} & Victoria Frances {29}
    Blair Cornelia {5}
    Juliana Aurora {3}
    Aria Daphne {1}

    Family #4- The Reece Family
    Charles Zachary {35} & Bridget Annika {35}
    Genevieve Adele {4}
    Declan Miles {1}

    Family #5- The Garrett Family
    Cyrus Donovan {37} & Elise Fiona {31}
    Holden Chance {7}
    Theodore Magnus & Clementine Harper {6}
    Ainsley Brielle {3}
    Crosby Deacon {1}
    Lux Electra {nb}

    Family #6- The Jensen Family
    Wesley Heath {30} & Harrison Everett {30}
    Francesca Faye {2}
    Griffin North & Humphrey Vaughn {nb}
    Lulu’s Mama {2008}
    Sir Tucky's Auntie {2014}

    Emmeline. Scarlett. Anastasia. Cecelia
    Juliet. Mae-Claire. Tallulah. Delphine. Georgiana
    Spencer. Holiday. Brighton. Oona. Anouk

    John. Callahan. Teague. Dexter. Anson
    Everett. Foster. Baylor. Cormac. Thayer. Nash
    Knoll. August. Dawson. Hayes. Gibson. Harrison

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    Nov 2013
    Family #1
    LN: Adkins

    DH(39): Henry Christopher Adkins
    DW(36): Charlotte Virginia Adkins
    DD(10): Alexa Scarlett Adkins "Lexi"
    DD(7): Lucy Hazel Adkins
    DS(5): Benjamin Noah Adkins "Ben"
    DS(2): Hudson Asher Adkins
    DD(NB): Isla Beatrix Adkins

    Family #2
    LN: Pratt

    DH(45): Payton Bo Pratt
    DW(41): Alexandra Nicole Pratt "Alex"
    DS(16): Brady Victor Pratt
    DS(14): Finley Rex Pratt "Fin"
    DD(11): Miriam Eve Pratt
    DS(5): Jonah Jude Pratt

    Family #3
    LN: McCall

    DH(32): Adam Shane McCall
    DW(29): Helena Judith McCall
    DD(5): Emily Addison McCall
    DD(3): Savannah Evangeline McCall "Savy"
    DD(1): Aria Daphne McCall

    Family #4
    LN: Randolph

    DH(35): Zachary Rhett Randolph "Zach"
    DW(35): Jessica Mae Randolph "Jessie"
    DD(4): Alicia Wynn Randolph
    DS(1): Atticus Eli Randolph

    Family #5
    LN: Gamble

    DH(37): Donovan Cyrus Gamble "Don"
    DW(31): Maya Elise Gamble
    DS(7): Caspar Bram Gamble
    DS(6): Adler Duke Gamble
    DD(6): Brinsley Harper Gamble
    DD(3): Teagan Cheyenne Gamble
    DS(1): Sawyer Zion Gamble
    DD(NB): Eleanora Willow Gamble

    Family #6
    LN: Jennings

    DH(30): Corbin Beau Jennings
    DH(30): Arlo Beck Byrd-Jennings
    ADD(2): Anniston Norah Byrd-Jennings "Annie"
    ADS(NB): Griffin Jedidiah Byrd-Jennings
    ADS(NB): Lorcan Percival Byrd-Jennings
    Emmylou, Erica, Rydel, Brinlie, Maia, Georgia, Finley, Kambree

    Keegan, Riker, Ross, Luke, Ryan, Ellington, Shor, Ashton

    Teenberry, R5er, and I like buying stuff with my name on it.

    Love, Kaylee Mary.

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    Family #1
    LN: Aspen

    DH(39): James Thomas
    DW(36): Grace Anna
    DD(10): Felicity Isabella
    DD(7): Cecilia Violet
    DS(5): Noah Alexander
    DS(2): Jack Hudson
    DD(NB): Imogen Beatrix 'Imi'

    James and Grace
    Felicity, Cecilia, Noah, Jack & Imi

    Family #2
    LN: Pebble

    DH(45): Austin Dexter
    DW(41): Alexandra Louise 'Alex'
    DS(16): William Nicholas
    DS(14): Rhys Hugh
    DD(11): Eve Jemima
    DS(5): Jasper August

    Austin and Alex
    Will, Rhys, Eve & Jasper

    Family #3
    LN: Musgrave

    DH(32): Jude Carter
    DW(29): Erica Adela
    DD(5): Emma Blair
    DD(3): Cecily Adrianna
    DD(1): Ivy Eloise

    Jude and Erica
    Emma, Cecily & Ivy

    Family #4
    LN: Rivers

    DH(35): Charles Eric
    DW(35): Annika Ida
    DD(4): Serena Alicia
    DS(1): Miles Paxton

    Charles and Annika
    Serena & Miles

    Family #5
    LN: Gillys

    DH(37): Alec Colm
    DW(31): Vanessa Bronte
    DS(7): Caspar Auric
    DS(6): Theodore Magnus
    DD(6): Clementine Isabelle
    DD(3): Aviana Skye
    DS(1): Sawyer Flynn
    DD(NB): Fleur Lux

    Alex and Vanessa
    Caspar, Theo, Clem, Avia, Sawyer & Fleur

    Family #6
    LN: Joss

    DH(30): Harry Alexis
    DH(30): Fabian Beck
    ADD(2): Francesca Bella
    ADS(NB): Isidore Calix
    ADS(NB): Barnabas Humphrey

    Harry and Fabian
    Fran, Isi & Barney

    Harriet, mother of 4 (almost 5!)

    Oliver Augustin 24/11/06

    Evangeline Ivy 04/03/08

    Fleur Eloise 08/10/09

    Maximilien Lucas 17/02/12

    Baby 5 DUE 01/06/14

    Aida Astrid Cecily Cecilia Celina Clementine Coralie Cordelia Eloise Elsa Evangeline Felicity Flavie Fleur Ivy Lavinia Lux Poppy Romilly Rosalie

    Augustin Cassian Cassius Caspian Casper Charles Hugo James Jasper Lucas Lucien Lucius Magnus Maximilien Oliver William

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    May 2014
    The Abbott Family
    DH: David Matthew
    DW: Anna Claire
    DD: Delilah Eden
    DD: Olivia Faith
    DS: Mason Benjamin
    DS: Hudson Caleb
    DD: Ruby Lydia
    The Palek Family
    DH: Bo Sebastian
    DW: Christine Nicole
    DS: Adrian Brady
    DS: Rhys Finley
    DD: Leah Ruth
    DS: Isaiah Owen
    The McDermott Family
    DH: Cole Blaine
    DW: Devon Victoria
    DD: Addison Blair
    DD: Savannah Cecily
    DD: Paisley Bristol
    The Ridley Family
    DH: Derek Julian
    DW: Anya Mae
    DD: Camille Serena Jade
    DS: Beckett Paxton
    The Garner Family
    DH: Brennan Alec
    DW: Audrey Elise
    DS: Holden Chance
    DS: Landon Kai
    DD: Brinsley Annabelle
    DD: Jayla Brielle
    DS: Ashton Flynn
    DD: Willow Annora
    The Jones Family
    DH: Heath Wesley
    DH: Everett Anthony
    ADD: Anniston Norah
    ADS: Griffin Malachy
    ADS: Vaughn Casimir

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