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    Family #1
    LN: Begins with Alvarez

    DH(39): Henry James
    DW(36): Rebecca Jane
    DD(10): Eden Scarlett
    DD(7): Stella Hazel
    DS(5): Noah Jacob
    DS(2): Wyatt Graham
    DD(NB): Zara Beatrix

    Family #2
    LN: Picarillo

    DH(45): Lleyton Cooper
    DW(41): Antonia Josephine "Toni"
    DS(16): Leopold Arthur "Leo"
    DS(14): Lachlan Troy
    DD(11): Magdalen Ruth "Maggie"
    DS(5): Jasper Owen

    Family #3
    LN: Milton

    DH(32): Brandon Carter
    DW(29): Devon Anne
    DD(5): Cornelia Sage "Sage"
    DD(3): Mirabelle Cecily
    DD(1): Paisley Bristol

    Family #4
    LN: Ringwald

    DH(35): Nigel Albert
    DW(35): Tilda Carreen
    DD(4): Dorothea Agnes
    DS(1): Liam Miles

    Family #5
    LN: Gomez

    DH(37): Aaron Brenton
    DW(31): Maya Caitlin
    DS(7): Silas Holden
    DS(6): Alden Duke
    DD(6): Brinsley Juno "Brin"
    DD(3): Jayla Skye
    DS(1): Deacon Sawyer
    DD(NB): Dariela Leonore

    Family #6
    LN: Jarvis

    DH(30): Vincent Harry "Vince"
    DH(30): Easton Derrick
    ADD(2): Anniston Hope "Annie"
    ADS(NB): Jedidiah Hopper "Jed"
    ADS(NB): Crispin Vaughn "Cris"

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    Family #1
    LN: Appleby

    DH(39): Daniel David 'Dan'
    DW(36): Anna Rebecca
    DD(10): Lucia Scarlett
    DD(7): Hazel Cordelia
    DS(5): Gabriel Jacob
    DS(2): Barnaby Milo 'Barney'
    DD(NB): Beatrix Imogen 'Bea'

    Family #2
    LN: Papadopoulos

    DH(45): Sebastian Roger 'Seb'
    DW(41): Alexandra Louise 'Alex'
    DS(16): Leopold Victor 'Leo'
    DS(14): Angus Lachlan 'Gus'
    DD(11): Tabitha Ruth 'Tabby'
    DS(5): Jasper Emmanuel 'Jazz'

    Family #3
    LN: Martinez

    DH(32): Douglas Paul
    DW(29): Philippa Blythe
    DD(5): Dorothy Emma
    DD(3): Cecily Evangeline
    DD(1): Adelaide Clara

    Family #4
    LN: Richards

    DH(35): Bradley Charles 'Brad'
    DW(35): Annika Bridget 'Nikki'
    DD(4): Serena Genevieve
    DS(1): Beckett Miles

    Family #5
    LN: Gallagher

    DH(37): Killian Alec
    DW(31): Heather Audrey
    DS(7): Bram Silas
    DS(6): Magnus Franklin
    DD(6): Romy Clementine
    DD(3): Juniper Haven
    DS(1): Phoenix Kian
    DD(NB): Saskia Fleur

    Family #6
    LN: Jackowski

    DH(30): Vincent Harry
    DH(30): Gideon Lewis
    ADD(2): Norah Francesca
    ADS(NB): Redmond North 'Red'
    ADS(NB): Percival Rufus 'Percy'
    Anna | Autumn | Cassia | Delphina | Emma | Fleur | Greta | Hazel | Lucia | Luna | Neela | Norah | Ramona | Reina | Sadie | Verity

    August | Austin | Bruno | Calvin | Elijah | Frederick | Gabriel | Jack | Jude | Lachlan | Lennon | Noah | Samson | Vincent | Wilfred | William

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    • DH: Christopher George Affgees
    • DW: Laura Caroline Affgees
    • DD: Jasmine Lucia Affgees
    • DD: Ada Phoebe Affgees
    • DS: Benjamin Elijah Affgees "Benji"
    • DS: Levi Barnaby Affgees
    • DD: Freya Tamsin Affgees


    • DH: Bjorn Sebastian Pandev
    • DW: Antonia Henrietta Pandev
    • DS: Victor Christian Pandev
    • DS: Harvey Lachlan Pandev
    • DD: Ruth Miriam Pandev
    • DS: Byron Emmanuel Pandev


    • DH: Brandon Jude Montacre
    • DW: Adela Blythe Montacre
    • DD: Bianca Dorothy Montacre "Bea"
    • DD: Cassandra Violetta Montacre "Cass"
    • DD: Daphne Eloise Montacre


    • DH: Walther Eric Rune
    • DW: Tilda Bridget Rune
    • DD: Eliora Jade Rune
    • DS: Miles Connor Rune


    • DH: Aaron Seamus Gatlin
    • DW: Maya Vanessa Gatlin
    • DS: Silas Dorian Gatlin
    • DS: Theodore Alden Gatlin "Tag"
    • DD: Georgia Isabelle Gatlin "Gia"
    • DD: Macy Juniper Gatlin "MJ"
    • DS: Archer Zion Gatlin
    • DD: Eleonora Lux Gatlin "Ellie"


    • DH: Wesley Boden James "Wes"
    • DH: Gideon Everett James "Deon"
    ADD: Francesca Eve James "Frankie"
    • ADS: Redmond Birch James "Red"
    • ADS: Lorcan Percival James
    Name list currently being rebuilt!

    "Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about." - Oscar Wilde

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    Family #1
    LN: Ackerman

    DH(39): Andrew Robert
    DW(36): Caroline Claire

    DD(10): Lucy Scarlett
    DS(5): Logan Alexander
    DS(2): Levi Aidan
    DD(NB): Maisie Imogen

    Family #2
    LN: Pratt

    DH(45): Roger Sebastian
    DW(41): Louise Alexandra

    DS(16): Victor Frederick
    DS(14): Rex Hamish
    DD(11): Jemima Eve
    DS(5): Rupert August

    Family #3
    LN: Morris

    DH(32): Paul Adam
    DW(29): Catherine Victoria "Kate"

    DD(5): Addison Emma "Addie"
    DD(3): Savannah Cecily
    DD(1): Bristol Rose

    Family #4
    LN: Radley

    DH(35): Alan Charles
    DW(35): Bridget Florence
    DD(4): Bree Margaret
    DS(1): Liam Paxton

    Family #5
    LN: Gallagher

    DH(37): Rafferty Brennan
    DW(31): Michelle Heather

    DS(7): Jarvis Holden
    DS(6): Ari Theodore
    DD(6): Annabelle Brinsley "Annie"
    DD(3): Macy Teagan
    DS(1): Flynn Phoenix
    DD(NB): Lux Branwen

    Family #6
    LN: Jefferson

    DH(30): Alexis Wesley
    DH(30): Gideon Lewis

    ADD(2): Celia Hope
    ADS(NB): North Malachy
    ADS(NB): Vaughn Humphrey

    Alice - Elora - Jane - Josephine "Posy" - Lily - Violet
    Abram - Caspian - Graham - Hawthorne - Oliver - Willoughby

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    P.S. @sofiacapricorn87 I just wanted to let you know the combo Ruby Athena Mae in your signature is gorgeous!

    Alice - Elora - Jane - Josephine "Posy" - Lily - Violet
    Abram - Caspian - Graham - Hawthorne - Oliver - Willoughby

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