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    Starting from scratch, but restricted

    So I had a discussion with the husband about names as we're yet to agree, and we've decided to start our list for girls from scratch. We're going to sort one gender out at a time, and per tradition, ladies first.

    Our previous lists:

    My girl list:

    His girl list:

    We've come to the conclusion we're going to have to compromise, and so have set a few ground rules to find the best name.

    His rule: No boyish potential nicknames (in fact, this is his main issue, so bye bye Charlotte and Francesca) and no surname names (I also agree with this)
    My rule: Multiple syllables preferred but willing to bend if I find 'the one', but must have flair. Must also have nickname that will work as a child at least.

    Must also go well with two syllable surname J___son and brother Dominic Joseph.

    Looking at other threads there's some pretty creative people out there, and I'm hoping you can help us too.

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    What about Eleanor or Eleanora with the nn Ella? That could be a compromise.

    Others I can think of:
    Amelia/Emelia - nn Milly
    Abigail - nn Abby
    Annabelle - nn Annie/Anna
    Felicity - Lissy
    Genevieve - nn Ginny/Gigi
    Clara - nn Clare if you needed one, but I think it works fine on its own
    Louisa - nn Lucy
    Cordelia - nn Cora
    Evangeline - nn Evie

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    The problem with Eleanor is that we have a niece by that name (she goes by the full Eleanor at the moment though, but it's still not usable. Shame, as it's a great name.) Amelia is also out as it's too close to a family name)

    Abigail is lovely, and I've never thought to get Lucy as a nickname for Louisa. Annabel (I prefer this spelling) is also nice, though I'd definitely avoid Bella as a nickname as there's three in Nico's playgroup alone.

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    Since Lily is on his list, would he also like Liliana?

    Perhaps these may be nice choices too:
    Eliza (Ella/Liza/Ellie)
    Alexandra (Alex or Alix, maybe Xanthe)
    Lucia (Lucy)
    Eva/Eve (Evie)

    (name in brackets are possible nicknames)
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    an old fashioned girl in a modern world

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    Eliza ~ Beatrice ~ Louisa ~ Eleanor ~ Harriet ~ Amelia ~ Amelie ~ Rose

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