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    This is my newest name epiphany. I've seen it before but you know that feeling when you see a name and it's like you've never seen it before? Yeah, that.

    I tend to like -illa names. And names beginning with vowels. But this one stands out to me. Maybe it's the "kw" sound in there. I like the Biblical connection, and don't mind that the person referred to in the New Testament was a man.

    I also think the nn Quil is very sweet, especially for the daughter of two writers.

    What do you think of Aquila? Is it appealing? Off-putting? Is pronunciation intuitive for you? (I would say uh-KWILL-uh). Do you like Aquila Emerald?

    I'm getting that same "aha!" feeling I had with Beatrice, except maybe my husband will like this one. :-/

    Thanks, all!
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