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Thread: Bowen

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    What do you think of the name Bowen? So far it is the only name my husband and I can agree on for our baby boy due in April but we are still undecided. We have a four year old son named Mason (chosen before the Kardashians made this name so popular). Any other suggestions?
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    I really like Bowen. I go back and fourth whether I love it.
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    I prefer Beau/Bo.

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    I absolutely love the names Beau and Bo. I have always tried to love longer versions as I feel Beau and Bo are too short/informal as first names. I personally don't like Bowen much & I don't know why. I love Bo & I also love Rowan - you'd think I'd like Bowen!!! The only longer version I seem to like is Bodhi, which could be offensive so I haven't even considered it. Sorry I'm not much help!
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    I don't know. Owen is nice, but quite popular and now it seems like Cohen is starting to really catch on. If Owen is the next Aidan, we'll be seeing Cohen, Bowen, Rowan, etc. a lot more in the next few years.

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